Where to Find Healthy Chocolate in Sydney

Where to Find Healthy Chocolate in Sydney


It can be hard to stop eating chocolate when it releases the same hormones as when you’re in love. When it comes to chocolate, love is an understatement! We all need a cheeky chocolate treat every now and then. However, eating chocolate doesn’t always have to make you feel guilty. Choosing healthier options of chocolate can keep your cravings at bay without compromising your waist line. Read on to find out our top picks of the best healthy chocolate spots in Sydney to change your love-hate relationship with chocolate to a balanced and healthy diet.

Cruelty-Free Shop

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or you’re just craving a treat from your childhood; the Cruelty-Free Shop has a range of ethical chocolates. Their dairy-free creme eggs have been a massive hit in the vegan community. It even has a vegan ‘yolk’ inside and is covered in Belgian, fair trade chocolate that is completely dairy-free. It’s subtle enough to blend in with the other eggs at the Easter hunt but gives you the peace of mind that you’re still eating healthy.

Boost Juice

You may normally think of fruit smoothies when you think of Boost Juice. However, they do have a special treat up their sleeve for the chocoholics. The King William smoothie is a crushed ice smoothie that contains the perfect mix of chocolate and banana. Team it up with a chocolate protein ball for double the chocolate and half the guilt.

Pana chocolate

Pana Chocolate is vegan, organic and doesn’t contain any refined sugar. They believe in the raw movement and ensure that their products are made with minimal heat. Pana Chocolate’s range contains exotic flavours such as mint, rose and pommegranite. The chocolates come in perfect bite-size packs that are great for a snack if you don’t have time for breakfast or are out on a walk.

Loving Earth

Health food stores such as Go Vita Wynyard, QVB Health Foods and many of the Sumo Salad franchises stock healthy chocolate options. One of their most popular picks are from Loving Earth. They believe in the sustainable production of cocoa and explore these options when producing their chocolate. Loving Earth also has a lot of ideas for recipes on their website so you can get creative! Some ideas include choc cherry coconut rough, cookie dough smoothies and chocolate caramel tarts.

Soy Ice-cream

Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes. If you’re over chocolate in its standard form you can indulge in chocolate ice-cream. The Sanitarium ‘So Good’ range produces chocolate soy ice-cream that tastes great and is a much healthier option. Soy is much more slimming than full fat milk so finding an alternative can change an unhealthy chocolate choice to a more balanced treat.

Local Shops

You’d be surprised how many home-brand chocolate products are vegan. There is often no need to go to trendy cafes or fancy eco-stores to find healthy, fair trade chocolate. A lot of budget brands don’t add milk or extra sugar. If you read the ingredients on the labels then you could easily pick a healthy option from shops like Woolworths and Coles. It could also save you some pennies!

Do you have a healthy chocolate recipe? Or maybe a favourite chocolate spot in Sydney? Please let us know!

Image: @lovingearth


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