A Fit Foodie’s Guide to the Bondi to Coogee Walk

A Fit Foodie’s Guide to the Bondi to Coogee Walk


The Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is known for its striking views and strenuous steps. When the weather is just right and the crowds are at bay, the coastal walk is the perfect spot to view the best of Sydney’s eastern beaches. Nothing teams up better with strolls and views than a healthy lunch and an afternoon swim. Read on to find out Bondi to Coogee’s healthy hot spots.

Berri Patch

Bondi Beach

Before you commit to a 2 hour walk along the coast, why not energise yourself with an acai bowl? Berri Patch Bondi has some amazing bowls that contain fresh berries and fruits. They also consist of granola, almonds and other healthy nuts for all of you health nuts! Berri Patch also makes charcoal smoothies to cleanse those nasties from your body and get you motivated for the walk!

Favoloso Cafe


Antipasto anyone? The mediterranean diet is thought to be the most balanced type of food that you can eat. Favoloso serves many mediterranean delights such as Sicilian vegetarian lasagne and the smoked salmon salad with fennel, pepitas and cherry tomatoes.

Bronte Baths


Walking several kilometres can be quite tiring. A swim in the afternoon sun is the perfect way to break up a large coastal walk. Bronte baths are a salt water pool with clear, blue sea water and a spot for stunning beach views. Its rock pools are the perfect spot to lay out and sunbathe before moving onto the next beach.

Hot Tip: There is free gym equipment along the walk that is open to the public. You’ll be able to build your core strength whilst working your cardio along the coast!

Bake Bar


Clovelly is the last beach before ending your walk in Coogee so why not stop for some lunch before the final leg of the journey? If you walk to the end of Clovelly Road you’ll find the Bake Bar. They have fresh, home-made bread and a wide range of delicious pastries. If you’re wondering about the quality of the bakery; don’t panic, its organic! Bake Bar’s freshly baked goods are a nutritious afternoon snack to accompany you on the home stretch of the walk.

The Living Room


What better way to wind down from a long walk than with a yoga session? The Living Room hosts yoga classes in a studio that has a breathtaking view of Coogee Beach. So you can sit in the lotus position whilst looking out at what you’ve just walked! It can also help you stretch the muscles that you’ve exercised all the way from Bondi.



Melonhead is passionate about superfoods, vegan eats and wholefoods. They have milk alternative options for smoothies so you don’t have to feel guilty about treating your sweet tooth. They also have wheat grass shots so you can cleanse yourself from the inside out. This juicery is an easy pick if you’ve just finished a thirst-inducing coastal walk. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is whether you want a mango tango or a tropical dream!

If you’ve soldiered through the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk before, we’d love to know your favourite healthy hotspot. Reach out to us today to get your faves on the list!

If you prefer to bring your own lunch to the walk, check out our healthy taco bowl recipe.

Image: @berripatchbondi

Jennifer Lund


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