7 Workouts The Ladies Are Loving Right Now

7 Workouts The Ladies Are Loving Right Now


Changing up our workouts periodically can keep things interesting and make sure our body doesn’t stagnate, or get too used to one style of fitness. With so many ways to keep our body fit and healthy and our mind Zen, from yoga, dance fitness and circuit training — here’s 7 of our favourite ways to stay fit right now:


Developed by a guy called Joseph Pilates in the 90’s, Pilates has since become a household name in fitness, using controlled and corrective movements, breath and reformer machines to develop strength and stability like nothing else. Perth is spoilt for studios, from Revolution Pilates and Gyrotonic Studio in Mt Hawthorn, One Wellness on Stirling Highway and a beachside studio in Singleton, you can find a studio near you here.


A fusion of HIIT, circuit training and functional training, F45 is a series of 27 diverse programs that mean every 45-minute workout will be different from the last. Since it hit the shelf, the group training sessions have taken the world by storm and earned many devoted followers for its variety and effectiveness in burning fat and building muscle. Find a studio near you here.


Combining dance, Pilates and sculpting exercises, Xtend Barre is a 55-minute fast track to a fit and healthy body, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Rather than focusing solely on strength, Barre is a total body workout, aimed at lengthening and developing flexibility. You’ll find a studio near you here.


From hip hop, dancehall and afro-based fitness classes, boxing classes and choreographed dumbbell workout — The Jungle Body aims to take the best of all training modalities, combine it with dance and a playlist that’ll motivate you all on its own.


Knowing that the secret to every millennials heart is through the sounds of Destiny’s Child, F Is For Dance offer fun dance classes and a Bey-Fit Class inspired by the fitness regime of Beyonce and her back up dancers. Sounds like a dream some true right!


Based on a belief that anyone can dance, No Light No Lycra help you ease into it, by turning off the lights completely so you can move freely and lose yourself to the music. A self-professed ‘daggy’ and non-pretentious place to be yourself, NLNL has grown rapidly in popularity since its inception.


A universal panacea for the mind, body and spirit, yoga has become a necessary part of the week for many people nowadays and with varying styles for different occasions and tastes. From stronger styles like Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow, novel styles like Acro yoga and Air yoga or meditative and restorative Yin yoga, there’s something for every ailment, preference and background. Want more? Check out Perth’s Best Yoga Studios.


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