10 of WA’s Best Beaches

10 of WA’s Best Beaches


With over 12,000km of coastline, WA is filled with empty stretches of sand and the clearest water imaginable. From the 19 turquoise beaches in Perth alone, to those up north and down south that are a little harder to reach, here’s 10 of our top picks for the best beaches in WA:



Margaret River

Contos beach is both rugged and approachable. After a winding drive, find a spot to park on the dusty gravel and descend past grassy tiers of campground towards the beach. If you’re lucky to get there on a calm day, you can swim for meters out and the water stays light blue. The view of the green hills from the water is also a special sight.




Another citrine blue beach that extends far out to sea, the clarity at Meelup makes it the perfect spot for swimming and paddle boarding. Despite being surrounded by BBQ areas and a shower block, the shade of the surrounding forest makes the beach feel reasonably private. Post up at a secluded location between rocks on the sand, or a grassy shaded spot under the trees.



North Fremantle

Even after developments have gone up around it, Leighton beach is one of the most impressive stretches of white sand and clear water on the Perth metropolitan coastline. The water is reliably flat with the exception of baby waves, when you’ll see paddle boarders or surfers in the ocean. There’s so much beach at Leighton, so it often feels quite empty too, especially on weekdays.



North Beach

Protected by reef, Mettams is a natural rock pool where the water’s often still in the summer. It makes for an epic little snorkelling spot to explore the surrounding reef, as well as paddle boarding, swimming off the reef and relaxing on the beach.




The infamous Turquoise Bay had to make the list, since there’s about 500 species of fish to explore, just 100 meters offshore. Only a few meters away from Ningaloo reef, Turquoise Bay is aptly named for the impossible clarity and vivid blue colour of the water. Top that off with the chalkiest sand around and the fact that it’s a perfect vantage point to watch the sunset on a warm afternoon.




Ideal for snorkelling, Little Salmon Bay boasts coral reefs and lots of sea life, from bright green moon wrasse and striped scissortail sergeants. There’s 10 underwater plaques sharing information about the species you’ll find there (if you can read it), as well as marking out a snorkel trail. If snorkelling isn’t your thing, it’s a stunning beach to hang out on regardless and the reef looks just as beautiful on land as it does underwater.




This beach is quite the spectacle. The brilliant blue water at Little Beach is sheltered by green headlands, and smooth boulders jut out of the water, dwarfing everything around them. Since it’s a journey to get to Albany, it’s worth camping nearby somewhere like Two Peoples Bay camping and using the beach as your natural shower.




Another beach that’s hard to reach, but totally worth it when you do — arriving among other campers at Ningaloo Station feels sort of like a dream. With little to no reception, miles of private coastline and no built-up structures except for temporary campsites, you’ll feel very ‘tom hanks from castaway’ with a visit here.




Shallow waters are protected by jagged rocks in this little cove right next to the larger Parakeet Bay. It’s nearby the Georgie-Longreach settlement, which makes it an accessible spot for snorkelling and swimming. The quaint size of the cove makes for a highly picturesque spot to pitch your beach umbrella for the day.




One of the most well-known beaches in Australia, Cable Beach conjures the classic image of camel silhouettes riding along while the sun sets. Aside from the fact you can take camel rides, it’s also a whopping 22km long and known for unbelievable sunsets that often reflect onto the watery sand. While it’s not as easy to get to, as some of the other beaches around WA, it’s safe to say that Cable Beach is a bucket list destination.

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Image: oncorpus.photography

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