About Us

Who are we?

At Green Goodness Co we believe that inspiring health creates happiness. We are dedicated to helping you find your version of healthy and becoming your happiest you.

We make the business of eating healthy, moving, and living well effortless Australia-wide, by delivering curated news and guides through our online platform and social networks. We’re dedicated to sharing all you need to know about goodness in your city.

We are each on a personal journey to create a healthy lifestyle that works for us, all at different stages of development and our lives. We want Green Goodness Co to be a resource for all to use. To not only find inspiration, but connect with the community, support each other and create relationships with those who dedicate their lives to help and serve through their businesses.

Local businesses are important to us. We nurture our business relationships; carefully choosing partners that align with our ethos and in turn, our friends, family and community receive the best possible value from the connections made.

If you’re a local business of a brand, we have more to offer you on the ‘Green Goodness Co for Businesses website’.

How to be the first to know about the goodness?

If you’re anything like us, you know it’s easier to stay on track with your health goals if you rope in your bestie, boyfriend, sister, workmate or mum to help you on your journey. So be sure to grab your friend and share the goodness with them so you can strive to build a healthier and happier lifestyle together.

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Now you’re a member of your local GGC Goodness Tribe, make sure you’re using the hashtag to share your journey to health – ups, downs, little hurdles, big wins, we’re here for the whole thing and you can trust that your community will support you too. Share #livingthegreen to connect with our Australian-wide community!

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