Six Fitness Challenges to Get You Beach Ready

Six Fitness Challenges to Get You Beach Ready


There’s nothing quite like a measurable, time-based goal to get you motivated and back in shape after a long, possibly indulgent winter. Add to that, a dash of accountability from your community, a knowledgeable trainer, and you’ve got a near guaranteed recipe for success. Here are six 8­—12 week challenges that’ll drive you closer to your goals for the summer:


Online Programs:


F45 Challenge 8 Week Challenge

If you can’t make it to a gym for whatever reason but still want the structure of a plan, F45 offers an 8-week online challenge with daily meal plans and recipes, weekly videos, and system that they guarantee, will bring you the results you’re after — as long as you follow along. Combining knowledge, nutrition, measured progress, and using the help of an online community, it’s the perfect kick start to get back into some healthy habits.


Sweat with Kayla

Since 2008, Kayla has been training women a winning method that’s become the grounds for her famous app Sweat with Kayla. Her 12-week app program includes 28-minute workouts that you can do at home, or the gym. Along with a weights program, her app takes you from being a beginner to advanced, in just three months. The immensely popular app has led to outstanding and visible results for her clients. You can sign up to her program here.


Ashy Bines

Another popular online fitness personality, Ashy Bines offers an all-inclusive app that lets you link with other women using the app in your community to motivate and workout together. With an optimised workout program, personalised eating plan, built in vision board, gratitude list, progress tracker, and over 200 courses and webinars — her app is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for thousands of women who already thrilled with their results.


Amanda Bisk

Bringing fitness and flexibility under the one umbrella, ex pole vaulter Amanda Bisk has been through her own health journey with chronic fatigue, coming out the other side with a lot more knowledge about nutrition, mindset and how to move her body. It was at this point that she began to try yoga, and introduce exercise like swimming and walking, learning how to listen to her body along the way. She now shares her hard-earned holistic way of life with others through her fitness and flexibility programs, including her 12 week Fresh Body Fit Mind program and Stretch Guide & 5 Class Yoga series, both of which you can find here.


Local Programs:


Renouf 12 Week Program

Cottesloe and South Perth

Concerned not only with health and but generally living well, Renouf merges fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and community for a well-rounded approach to fitness. Their 12-week agenda begins by discussing your objectives first, before building a program to suit your current fitness level and allocating the PT most suited to you. Whether you need to refurbish your lifestyle, shed a couple of winter kilos, or just feel a better sense of well-being, these guys have got you sorted.


Goodlife Health Clubs 12 Week Challenge

Separating their 12-week challenge into two categories; Transformation, or Fitter Faster Stronger, one of Goodlife’s trainers will either give you the essential building blocks for a healthier lifestyle, or a path to taking your existing strength to the next level. Both programs educate and engage you, so you’re guaranteed to reach your goals by the end of the 12-weeks, making it the perfect program for someone looking for measured results.


The 6 Week Body

Reducing 12 weeks, to some incredible results in half the time, trainer Dan Clay has 13 years and the results of thousands of people on his credentials. His five step system assures that not only will you reach your fitness goals, but they’ll last even after the training is over. Dan is the go-to guy for people that feel like they’ve tried everything but still aren’t reaching their desired results. He’s got plenty of reassuring testimonials and before and after’s of his clients transformation that you can check out here.


Dynamic Boxing Fitness 8 Week Challenge

As the name suggests, this 8-week challenge helps you attain your desired fitness level through the tried and true method of boxing. They’ll start by assessing your goals with a trainer, before planning a program to suit your needs, fitness levels, and dietary requirements. Dynamic Boxing Fitness provides an environment where you’re motivated by accountability, a variety of workouts and community. Expect a full body workout, starting with a warm up, boxing training, body weight and abdominal work and finishing off with a stretch in each session.


Surge Health and Fitness: Training for Warriors

This 8-week challenge is especially convenient for anyone who’s already a member of Surge Health and Fitness, because the program available to anyone on the standard timetable. Creating well rounded results from their program, including flexibility, speed, endurance, and mindful nutrition — Training for Warriors begins each session with a warmup and alternates between strength days and metabolic days. With locations all over the Perth metro and beyond, you can find a studio in Joondalup, Jindalee, Quinns Rock and more.


 Article was written by Ella Liascos

Ella Liascos


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