Best Date Spots In Perth

Looking to impress your date? You’ll have to do a little bit more than grab an uninspiring meal a few corners down the block.

You’re in Perth, after all—a remote city that managed to make a name for itself with its vast array of coastal sights, mesmerising architecture, and picturesque parks.

Besides its unique location, Perth is also famed for its near-perpetual sunshine. In fact, it’s hard to name another city that enjoys as much sunshine as Perth.

Crossing a warm beachside setting with a cosmopolitan aura, Perth provides the perfect backdrop for some romantic magic to happen. 

Here are some of the best local date spots in Perth that you and your significant other can explore.

1) Wanneroo Botanic Gardens

Are you and your date itching to soak up the wonders of nature? If so, meander under the winding pathways and enjoy the swathes of flower displays, ponds, and rockeries of the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens.

This iconic garden has been around for more than 40 years now and has since become a popular spot for both locals and tourists. Situated right by Lake Joondalup and across the Yellagonga Regional Park, this 5-acre garden houses a variety of flora and fauna unique to the region.

A one-time trip won’t do this park justice either, as the constant changing of the seasons provide a unique atmosphere on each visit.

Besides the natural scenery, this garden also houses Australia’s largest outdoor Mini Golf complex, featuring 36 holes across two courses. A restaurant is also situated in the middle of the area if you and your date want to settle down and eat.

2) Perth Zoo

Another great date spot to take your partner is the local zoo. You don’t have to endure long car rides either; the zoo is conveniently located a few minutes away from the city’s central business district.

Established in 1898, this establishment houses an extensive collection of native and exotic animals from all four corners of the globe. The animals are placed in environments that simulate their natural habitats, which can help ease the worries of any concerned animal lover.

The number of animals housed in the zoo is astounding—an African lion, giraffe, orangutan, rhino, tiger, sun bear, and the adorable dibbler are just some of the few animals that you can spot in the zoo.

Expect to spend 2 to 3 hours or more here with your date, as the zoo offers plenty of animals to see and educational signages within its 17-hectare grounds.

3) Head Out To The Beach!

Perth’s entire west side is lined with stretches of white sandy shores and the brilliant blue Indian Ocean. Take your pick among the vast array of beaches in the area and prepare for a day of soaking up the sun and seas with your favourite person!

If you want some suggestions, some local favourites include Cottesloe Beach, City Beach, and Peasholm Dog Beach. Cottesloe Beach is known for its white sand and charming waters that make it perfect for diving and snorkelling. It’s also very accessible from the city.

City Beach is a chic and charming atmosphere that has many cafes and restaurants speckled around it. It’s also near the popular Scarborough Beach, which is a busy beach filled with sports activities and lots of music.

If you two have furry friends, take them out to the Peasholm Dog Beach. As its namesake suggests, this is a great beach for pets to roam around and for people to dog-watch. Of course, the sea and various cafes nearby are just as inviting too!

4) A Paint and Sip Studio

Perth is a treasure trove of natural attractions, but the creative side is not to be overlooked either.

There are plenty of paint-and-sip studios like Pinot & Picasso paint and sip studios in Perth that allow their patrons to unleash their inner creativity, all while indulging in some fine-tasting vino.

This venue is a perfect way for you and your date to get to know each other more in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being an artistic virtuoso here; the art teacher is very supportive and will help give you tips to make you craft something you’d be proud of.

The great thing about these art studios is not just the experience, you’ll also get to keep the artwork that you made as a souvenir of your date!

5) Western Australian Museum

The WA Museum Boola Bardip is a must-visit for couples who enjoy learning about history and culture. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you should cross this place off your bucket list whenever you’re in Perth.

For one, it’s the largest museum in Western Australia and is home to a variety of artifacts, galleries, and interactive exhibits. Here, you and your date can explore the long years of Western Australia’s history from past to present, as well as get more insights into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

While WA Museum is our top museum pick in Perth, the other museums in Perth are worth a mention too! Video game enthusiasts would probably find The Nostalgia Box Museum worth a visit, while art fanatics can feel at home browsing through the various art collections in the Art Gallery of Western Australia. A big science geek? Scitech is the place to be!