The 7 Best Acai Bowls in Sydney

The 7 Best Acai Bowls in Sydney


One of my favourite things in life is brunch, and it got a whole lot better when I discovered the acai bowl! I’m an expat, and when I think back to brekkie in London I almost shed a little tear - and not of happiness. It was, a rather dull affair, a non-descript bowl of cereal maybe, or an uninspiring piece of toast.

When I moved to Sydney, however, everything changed on the menu, and I opened my eyes to an array of delicious and nutritious insta-worthy dishes on offer. One sunny Saturday by the beach, I decided to try the exciting looking purple/mauve bowl of fruity goodness; the famous acai bowl. Ever since, I’ve been in love! It’s not just me either, talking to other Sydney-siders it seems this bowl is a firm fave, not limited to brekkie/brunch but for anytime it takes your fancy!

Here’s seven fave spots for the best acai bowls in town…

1. Fruitologist:  Bondi or Rozelle

Between me and my friends this is ‘must’ try, especially if you like your acai bowl super thick and topped to the brim with fruits and clusters of granolas. This part fruit and veggie grocer and part juice bar serves an unbeatable bowl for around $10, and you can add extras for just a little more, like a delish dollap of natural peanut butter - YUM! This makes it a perfect post-gym or Bondi to Coogee coastal walk reward snack. So go nosh it down, but not before you take a cute little picture with the backdrop of the beach, as this mouth-watering bowl is too pretty not to!

2. Cali Press: Bondi, Bronte, Coogee, Double Bay, Surry Hills

Cali Press is another top choice, and the story behind the venue is pretty cool too. The company was a result of a conversation amongst friends in the surf one afternoon, which escalated into a life changing series of events and the Cali Press team quitting their jobs to set about becoming full-time cold-pressed juicers. Now they have a whole range of scrumptious and clean-living foodie options on the menu, including some fab acai bowls. My personal fave is the unbeatable ‘The Original’, a taste-bud tantalising mix of coconut water + açai, banana, mango, and topped with: pistachio granola, banana, coconut, goji berries and passionfruit, a large bowl is $15.50.

3. Bare Naked Bowls - Manly, Bronte, Surry Hills

Bare Naked Bowls is one of Sydney’s favourite superfood cafes specialising in none other than its famous acai bowls. I love this place because their ethos is all about living a conscious and active lifestyle, so they aim to make their bowls leaving us feeling super energised, refreshed, and ready to take on the day! They have a few delectable combos to try, but in my opinion you can’t beat the ‘Rio Bowl’, a beautiful blend of double organic acai berry, banana, raw coconut water, with a crunchy topping of handmade nut granola, banana, strawberry, blueberry, organic hemp seeds, raw cacao nibs, and natural peanut butter drizzle - oh yeahhhhhhh! Plus, as an added feel-good extra, Bare Naked Bowls is also proud to support IBSH, a charity that helps orphan children in developing nations.

4. Acai Brothers - North Bondi, Bankstown, Manly

Acai Brothers is Australia’s fastest growing Superfood Bar franchise. The company was started by two best buddies who had a penchant for health, fitness and good food, which inspired them to create a brand that not only supplied its customers with great tasting and healthy food, but also embodies qualities such as community, lifestyle and fitness. They are a must-visit if you love creative flavour combos, such as: ‘Lemon Meringue Bowl’, acai, banana, lemon essential oil, vanilla protein and buckinis, to ‘Moch Ya Socks Off’, an uplifting combination of acai, banana, cacao, espresso and buckinis.

5. The Depot - North Bondi

This delightful little local café is located at the north end of Bondi Beach, and is an ideal spot for a lazy brunch comprising of simple everyday good food in a laid back setting. Fun fact about the owner - Heather Turland is an ex Commonwealth Games gold medallist! Since we’re talking all things bowls in this piece, let me introduce you guys to their Amazonian Acai Bowl - frozen acai frappe over Sonoma honey spiced granola, seasonal fruit, chia seeds & coconut flakes (also available as a gluten free option). This is such a perfect brekkie for a hot summer’s day, I promise you will not be disappointed!

6. Pure Wholefoods - Manly

Located in the heart of Manly, one of my top destinations to hang out for a weekend, Pure Wholefoods offers a scrumptious range of foodie options! I love grabbing one of their acai bowls as an afternoon snack, which I find to be a healthy yet indulgent treat, giving me an energy injection which I don’t have to feel guilty about. It’s an epic mix of acai pure pulp, banana, cold pressed apple juice, berries, nuts and seeds and their granola.

7. Fresh Blend - Mosman

Fresh Blend really comes into its own for its healthy smoothies, fresh juices and delicious salads. When you’re looking for the perfect after-exercise energy boost or just a yummy (and healthy) snack, then their acai bowls are definitely worth a chow down. Did you know, even Justin Bieber has made a visit to the shop, so you’re in good company! (sorry, not sorry). I like to create my own by going for the Supercrunch Acai Bowl and then topping with Fresh Blend’s homemade peanut butter and goji berries! Heaven.

Featured image: @aplantynurse

Blog post written by Katy Moore, Brit living in Sydney and obsessed with everything health and wellness related, communications and PR specialist at Polkadot Communications.


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