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Yoga Tree Perth – Victoria Park

Yoga Tree Perth – Victoria Park

At Yoga Tree Perth Victoria Park we have a class to suit you. We want to help you feel happier and healthier and more content within yourself. We offer Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Core + Hot Pilates and Meditation. All of these classes are beginner friendly as well.

Yoga Tree Perth Victoria Park is on Shepperton Road close by to the junction of Welshpool Road and Albany Highway if you are heading towards the city; Perth CBD.
We invite people to this space to feel instantly inspired, motivated, welcomed and at ease to be themselves. The practice of yoga is the path to self discovery and body awareness. You build strength and improve flexibility physically. You cultivate inner peace and contentment. With inner peace, comes inner strength for which anything is possible when you put your mind to it. I truly believe everybody has the ability to achieve their wildest dreams and goals. Pursue your passion. Yoga is the first step to this journey”

Hannah wanted this brand new custom-designed ‘state of the art’ studio to have a modern, retro styling with high tech gas heating system, highly oxygenated clean air control, controlled humidity and clean flooring. There is a reception area for you to wait for class and a separate relaxation area after class. You can also enjoy hot showers in the brand new, custom designed change-rooms before/after class.

The yoga room is:

  • insulated and built in such a way by certified consultants that you always get the proper consistent heating and humidity for the duration of your class from beginning to end;
  • spacious with mirrored walls for you to use as a tool for focus and posture alignment;
  • fitted with top of the range Flotex flooring. This is a special carpet perfect for Hot Yoga. The fibers in the weave are packed so super tight, over 80 million to a square meter which means there is no room for moisture to be absorbed, making it waterproof. Flotex is treated with an anti-microbial treatment Sanitized® offering protection against bacteria, mould and odour.


All teachers will be certified Yoga teachers.

Yoga is great for people of all ages and levels of fitness, regardless of flexibility and strength. If you are not flexible , all the better to start. If you are not strong, come to practice to develop strength. If you are stressed, come to practice to de-stress so as to lessen the impact of stress and experience the amazing energy you will gain after class alongside peace and relaxation.


Parking is available in front of the studio in specially marked and named “Hot Yoga Parking” bays when you enter the complex from Oats Street or Shepperton Road. There is only limited parking (6 bays) for studio visitors at the front of the studio and (1 bay) for studio staff only.

During business hours within the complex and the potential extreme traffic congestion and one way traffic within the complex, take note for 930am, 4pm, 615pm classes, it is easier to park behind the building complex where there is FREE parking (80 car bays) available at Shepperton Road Car Park No.12. You can access the free parking either by:

  • entering from Oats Street (drive past studio and go around the back of Red Rooster) or
  • entering from Shepperton Road or
  • entering from Albany Highway (via small “one-way” road next to Zest Fitness Centre)

Please keep an eye out for Council Installed Signage for 80 Bay Parking – on Shepperton Road and also Albany Highway.


Do NOT park at Officeworks or Red Rooster Parking as this will cause undue stress and inconvenience to these businesses, yourself and customers of Officeworks and Red Rooster.

Your studio can also be reached by several public transport services (bus or train):

  • Oats Street train station (Perth – Armadale train Line)
  • Perth Bus routes (210, 211, 212, 213, 220, 283)


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