Three of the Best Digital Detox Retreats in Australia

Three of the Best Digital Detox Retreats in Australia


At Retreat Here, we believe technology should serve us, not enslave us. Our fancy gadgets were designed to make our lives easier, yet for most they have become the cause of rising stress levels and anxiety. Ditching your devices is easier said than done, so we’ve listed three unique places in Australia that make unplugging from the daily grind easier.

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

Nestled in the dunes of Cape Range National Park, on the coast of Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef, you’ll find the perfect place to disconnect from modern-day life and reconnect with mother nature. Sal Salis is an eco-friendly remote safari camp with just sixteen eco-luxe wilderness tents. The camp has been built to blend in with its natural surroundings and the stunning location forms the ideal base to explore the area and spot awe-inspiring wildlife.

The spacious and airy tents have been designed with your comfort in mind and with the most beautiful beach just steps away, each tent provides striking views of the crystal clear waters and surrounding landscape. Sal Salis doesn’t offer luxury in the traditional sense of the word, yet its luxury derives from the peaceful location, stunning landscape and the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature.

Due to its remote location there is no mobile phone or Wi-Fi connection (yay!) and every guest should embrace the chance to unplug from the digital world. (Of course, if there are any urgent needs, the camp has a landline).

Waking up to the songs of birds rather than your alarm clock is an everyday experience, and your morning ‘social media check’ is replaced with a refreshing swim in the ocean. Head out on the reef to find huge schools of fish whilst kayaking or snorkeling, go for a guided gorge walk at Mandu Mandu gorge or join the vessel that goes out every TuesdayThursday and Saturday from Ningaloo to do the whale shark swim.

The heart and soul of Sal Salis is the camp’s main lodge. A comfortable lounge forms the ideal spot to join fellow travellers for a chat, play board games or read a book from the small library. In the evening, gather in the dining area for a delicious dinner before admiring the astounding number of stars in the night sky (a little birdy told us it’s one of the best places to see Milky Way).

Sal Salis provides an exclusive experience to really get away from the outside world and your stay is guaranteed to reset your personal batteries, leaving you refreshed and more mindful of your daily ‘screen-time’.


Gwinganna, meaning ‘lookout’, is located high on a plateau in a peaceful region of the Tallebudgera Valley in Queensland. Surrounded by ocean and valley views, this well-renowned health retreat in Australia promises a tranquil haven to create stillness and a sense of calm in your mind. The serenity of the mountain retreat beckons for some serious soul-searching and allows guests to revitalise and recover from the hectic outside world.

A variety of beautiful accommodation is available for the most discerning traveller and one of Gwinganna’s recent additions are three Meditation Suites. These new suites provide meditation cushions, a yoga mat as well as iPods loaded with calming music and meditation sessions, encouraging mindfulness and a place to continue your private practice.

To further help you leave your daily world behind, there are no TV’s in the suites and villas, and use of any mobile devices is restricted to your room. Guests are also encouraged to leave laptops at home in order to truly disconnect and shift the attention from work and other external factors to yourself.

The health retreat provides an abundance of choice with a huge and diverse range of wellness packages and programs, from a quick two-night getaway for busy professionals to a seven-night retreat. Extended stays are possible and packages can also be combined to make the most of your wellness experience.

Each morning begins with a mindful movement session whilst you watch the sun rise out of the ocean. There are 16 different walks to start your day, providing beautiful views of the hinterland and surrounding valleys or ocean. After a healthy breakfast, choose from Yoga, Pilates, meditation or dance classes, take a dive in the lap pool, indulge in a pampering session at the luxurious spa or attend a wellness seminar and learn from experienced health and wellness professionals.

Regardless of the duration or choice of your retreat and wellness program, Gwinganna is designed to provide you with a safe and serene environment, away from any distractions and stress, so you can tune in with personal needs and do what’s best for you.

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

If you are not ready (yet) to fully immerse yourself in a tech-free environment, the One&Only Wolgan Valley resort is a great starting point to get a taster of unplugged life. This luxury retreat in the Greater Blue Mountains offers Wi-Fi as well as in-room TV but owing to its remote location, there is no cell coverage at all. The resort is set on 7000 acres of wildlife reserve and provides an absolute sanctuary for seclusion and serenity.

Boasting 40 stylish and well-appointed suites, each private haven has been designed with warm, natural colours, and features a private swimming pool, beautiful fireplace and private veranda with breathtaking views of the Wolgan Valley.

We truly encourage you to refrain from connecting to the Wi-Fi, and instead experience the remote wilderness location and the resort’s natural surroundings. One&Only Wolgan Valley is nestled between two national parks (the Wollemi National Park and the Gardens of Stone National Park) and therefore the ideal stage to enjoy guided nature walks, horse riding adventures, stargazing and campfires as well as nocturnal wildlife excursions.

For the less adventurous, the Spa provides a stunning and tranquil abode in a natural setting, featuring six double treatment rooms with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Let highly skilled therapists pamper your mind, body and soul with a range of signature experiences and holistic treatments. The 60-minutes Soul to Sole treatment, which focuses on scalp, hands and feet, is a must for anyone in need of releasing tension and stress. Alternatively, book a private Pilates or yoga session, indulge with a manicure or enjoy a lazy afternoon by the swimming pool.


Blog Lovingly provided by Sabijn from Retreat Here

Image credit: Sal Sanis – Archie Sartracom, Gwinganna and One&Only Resorts

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