The Ultimate List of Healthy Treats in Perth

The Ultimate List of Healthy Treats in Perth


If you’re anything like me… you would (and have been prone to doing so) eat sweets for breakfast. Chocolate flavoured, peanut butter covered, berry smothered, ice-cream topped salted caramel flavoured, double fudge whipped ANYTHING, anytime and anywhere.

As you would know, however, these treats have typically not been what one would describe as healthy or nutritious. Your bakery doughnut wedged with cream and caramel may be a small slice of heaven…but unfortunately doesn’t offer us a great deal in terms of nourishing and loving our bodies. And, as we all know too well, our bodies aren’t usually thanking us for it afterwards (#sugarhigh inevitably followed by #sugarcrash). Luckily, however, some very smart people have come up solutions to our naughty addictions and our need for something sweet… introducing… HEALTHY TREATS! I know what you’re thinking… healthy treats = a tofu textured, soil tasting, bland plant based concoction, disguised and lying about being a ‘cheesecake’.

The good news is – this is not the case! The Perth health food and vegan culture has hugely expanded over the past few years. No longer do you have to feel deprived from deliciousness in order to look after yourself. The people have spoken and demanded and the local genius health food creators of Perth have provided.

SO! Where do we find them?

1. Dunn & Walton – Doubleview

Organic food lovers – rejoice! A Dunn & Walton store has opened in Doubleview (previously Absolutely Organic WA, in Gwelup). This wonderful hidden gem has fresh organic produce, along with an array of dry goods, kitchen items, pantry items and…of course… TREATS! The fridge is stocked full of ever-changing raw slices, raw balls, dried bananas, chia puddings and more.

Treats eaten include:

  • Cacao nib and almond meal cookies
  • Choc mousse with cacao grain-free granola
  • Coconut, raspberry & lime slice
  • Gluten-free cashew cream carrot cake
  • Quinoa banana bread
  • Buckwheat porridge with grain free raspberry, granola, peanut butter & dehydrated apple
  • Spelt vegan chocolate mud cake

2. May Street Larder – East Fremantle

Let’s talk about Cocowhip … if you haven’t heard or tried of this health food craze… you are in for a treat (literally). If you’re anything like me, you would scream for icecream. It doesn’t matter if it is freezing cold outside… You can and will eat any form of icecream, any time of the day. The issue is, it doesn’t usually fit in with our diet plans or our lists of foods that offer our body maximum nourishment. So unfortunately, it can leave us feeling a little bit guilty and usually on an extreme sugar high.

BUT – the good news is – Cocowhip is here to fill the black hole that cutting out icecream can leave in our lives. Cocowhip is the product of some incredibly smart humans, who have somehow made a product that has the same texture, taste and experience of soft serve…but minus all the naughty things! That is quite literally the dream. It is a frozen soft serve using only coconut water & full of probiotics. The perfect healthy treat on a hot summer’s day.

Cocowhip with Raw Vegan Caramel and Raw Chocolate

3. Market Juicery – Leederville

The Market Juicery is my go to when I want a snack, a treat or just a little addition to my lunch or brekkie. The smoothies and juices are fresh and jam-packed full of goodies to nourish you or perk you up when you’re feeling that mid arvo slump. Some of the delicious goodies I have tried from the Market Juicery include peanut butter chocolate smoothie bowls, jaffa smoothies, coffee smoothies, acai bowls, green smoothies, cacao & coconut crunch granola bowl and bagels!

4. Nature’s Harvest – Cottesloe

I only recently discovered this wonderland a few weeks back – and have frequented it a little too often ever since! Jam packed full of beautiful lunch options, snack options, juices, smoothies – you can pop in when you’re on the go and need a quick pick me up! Or – if you’re looking to stock up on all your organic needs, there is a store attached too. The treats here are just…phenomenal. They have taken some of our favourite naughty treats…and somehow made them into an entirely acceptable health food. Some of the treats they have had on offer include raw oreos, raw snickers bars, healthy cookie bar slices, pina colada bites, spirulina mint balls (a personal fave)… and so much more. AND…the menu is completely overwhelming in the best possible way. Its almost a ‘choose your own adventure’ …but with health food. You have a choice of acai bowls, mango bowls, chia puddings, chocolate chia puddings, raspberry chia puddings, muesli, granola… BUT – here is the fun part … you choose the toppings. Healthy toppings include:

  • Organic berries, mango, goji berries, cranberries, figs or coconut
  • Almonds, sunflower seeds, pepitas, cacao
  • Chocolate beetroot brownie crumble
Acai Bowls

It really is a wholefood junkie’s dream. Ps. You should also try their organic quinoa and linseed bread. Buy a loaf, take it home and top it with avocado. You can thank me later.

5. Little Shop of Plenty – Maylands

You may remember these guys from their stall at the Subiaco Farmer’s Markets (another foodie dream that you should definitely check out!). Well good news – you don’t have to wait until Saturday mornings to track them down as they have their very own cafe!
The food is all organic and vegan friendly with plenty of raw options and could be for breakfast, lunch or a snack – whatever you need! They have everything from living granola to raw pizza, lunch bowls, organic teas and herbal infusions, to superfood smoothies and treats. They also have kombucha tea on tap and a fridge dedicated entirely to healthy sweets.

Must tries include:

  • Cocowhip (again!) – they do the original cocowhip, but with some exciting add ons
  • Kombucha tea – they brew their own and have a range of ever changing flavours on tap
  • Raw super fudges and cakes from the cabinet
Cocowhip and Kombucha

6. Panache café – Perth CBD

If you work in the CBD and haven’t heard of Panache… you need to get out of the office more. Be prepared for the lunch rush…but also know that it is well worth the wait!

This is the perfect stop if you ran out of the door without brekkie, need a healthy and nourishing lunch or (of course) if you’re feeling the slump of the slow office afternoons and need that little something to get you through the day. The amazing thing about this café is that they are constantly updating what they sell. The healthy cookies, slices, wraps, smoothies and lunch boxes never seem to be the same each day and there are so many options, you’re bound to find something you love.

The menu changes week to week, but some of the delicious goodies I’ve eaten include:

  • Granola cookies dipped in raw cacao
  • Zucchini and banana power muffins
  • Coconut matcha bars
  • Cacao chia breakfast pots with caramelised banana
  • Kale and pea falafel bowls
  • Green hulk smoothie

7. Henry Saw – CBD

Tucked away in Grand Lane (just off Murray Street Mall), this little hidden café is serving delicious vegan and vegetarian food including salads, wraps, lunch bowls and treats. They use Blacklist Coffee Roasters beans and use a single origin coffee in cold brew too.

We are yet to truly explore the menu here but their Instagram has informed us that they do VEGAN DOUGHNUTS…. So that is probably all you need to know.

Vegan Doughnut with Jam

8. Flora and Fauna – Northbridge

Another Northbridge gem, Flora and Fauna is an adorable boutique laneway cafe serving us picturesque breakfasts and snacks that are almost too pretty to eat.

Must tries include:

  • The chia pudding
  • Banana bread (with no refined sugar!) served with coconut jam, nutella or organic peanut butter
  • Selection of fresh juices
  • Range of ever changing vegan treats from the display cabinet (previous treats I’ve tried in photos below)

You cannot go wrong at this tiny Northbridge delight!

9. The Pearfect Pantry – Wembley

Behind a Laundromat is probably the last place you would expect to find an amazing array of delectable healthy treats, so Pearfect Pantry is certainly one of a kind. They offer a range of menu items including healthy, gluten free and vegan. It’s an oldie but a goodie and a lovely hidden spot for an afternoon tea or, if it’s a special day (or simply because you feel like it) – they offer vegan high teas too!

Some of the delicious treats I’ve tried:

  • Vegan double oreo cupcakes
  • Vegan peanut butter and jelly cupcakes
  • Vanilla vegan waffles with vanilla bean ice cream
Vegan and Gluten Free Raspberry Peanut Butter Brownies

10. Little Bird Café – Northbridge

Again, if you love your health food and haven’t been here yet…you must have been living under a rock! Little Bird is known for its beautifully presented breakfasts and lunches, and of course – it has snacks, treats and smoothies galore.

Must tries:

  • Choc mint smoothie, or any of their smoothies and juices!
  • Banana and coconut buckwheat pancakes with cashew cream, maple syrup and seasonal fruit
  • Freshly brewed rose or lemon and ginger flavoured kombucha
  • ANY of their homemade cakes. They change week to week but a few on current rotation include vegan chocolate peanut butter, vegan nutella and hummingbird


  • 11. Nood – Leederville

The recently opened Nood Cafe serves up delicious and nutritious food on the busy cafe strip of Oxford Street. Nood has something for everyone – plenty of gluten free, dairy free, vegan and raw options ranging from smoothie bowls to lunch bowls, raw cakes, coffee and takeaway options.

The menu changes daily, but some treats eaten include:

  • Choc coconut cupcakes with cauliflower icing
  • Gluten free raspberry macaroon cupcakes
  • Vegan buckwheat pancakes with lemon curd, maple syrup and fresh fruit
  • Choc nut smoothie bowls
  • Grain free banana and cinnamon loaf
Choc Coconut Cupcakes with Cauliflower Icing

Enjoy! xx

Written by Goodness Patroller, Emily Durack from Delicious Things Perth



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