Seven Secrets To Discovering Your Inner Zen

Seven Secrets To Discovering Your Inner Zen


1) Prioritise ‘You’ Time

‘You time’ means really committing to getting in touch with your inner self, and
making it a regular thing! We lead busy lives, but you can’t be your best self to others
unless you first look after yourself Go somewhere where you feel safe, happy and
relaxed – and most importantly where you won’t be interrupted. Phones off! This
might be at your favorite little cafe, by the ocean, under a tree in your local park, or
even just curled up at home under a cosy rug. Wherever you choose, set yourself a
specific timeframe and make a promise that this will be your time with yourself, no
other distractions! Even just one hour will do the trick. Use this time to check in with
yourself. Writing in a journal can be a great way to get your thoughts and ideas in
order. Asking yourself some simple questions like “Where am I at with my life at the
moment? Am I happy? Are the things I spend my time on each day aligned with my
bigger picture goals?” Treat this time with yourself like you would an important
business meeting. Without scheduling in regular time to introspect and reflect, you risk
living your life by default (busy, tick box check) rather than by design.

2) Discover a Mind/Body Connection with Yoga or Pilates

The benefits of Yoga include a deepening of the connection between your physical
self, and your mental, emotional and spiritual self. Developing a regular practice
means you are consistently making time to become more mindful, switching off from
your daily responsibilities and turning inwards. If Yoga isn’t for you, another wonderful
alternative is Pilates, in particular, Reformer Pilates has a lovely flowing rhythm that
facilitates increased self-awareness.

3) Take a Walk on The Wild Side

And by wild, we mean getting totally lost in nature. Going for a hike or walking a trail
can be a sublime experience. The fresh air, wildlife, sunshine, and silence put the
stresses of modern life into perspective. It returns us to our human roots and
switching off from technology and social media forces you to observe your
surroundings as they unfold. Australia has an array of awe-inspiring national parks
and of course idyllic beaches to discover or maybe re-discover. It’s easy to take for
granted what is right on our doorstep! For those of us that are time poor, simply going
for a walk in your own neighborhood can be rejuvenating. If you set out with the
intention of observing your surroundings, it’s amazing the beauty you can discover
within your own streets.

4) Get Lost In A Book That Inspires You

Snuggling up with a fantastic book and a cuppa is one of the most simple, and yet
most relaxing and luxurious things you can do. Reading is such a soothing practice
as it calms the mind and reduces stress and anxiety, by forcing you to focus on a
single task. Even better, if you choose the right book, you can come away from a
dose of bookwormery feeling positive and inspired. There are so many wonderful
authors and books out there, but a couple of must reads for ladies are “Embrace
Yourself” by Taryn Brumfitt and “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray,

5) Awaken with Meditation

Meditation, we’ve all heard the benefits, but how many of us have actually committed
to sticking with it? In today’s world, our brains are wired for distraction, instant
gratification, and the next endorphin hit. But, the health and wellbeing effects of
meditation are so huge in terms of tuning into your inner self and intuition, it’s really
worth persevering. It will help you to build reliance and make you better equipped to
deal with your emotions and therefore the ups and downs of life. Why not try an App
like “Calm” or “Headspace” and commit to just 10 minutes per day, guided by the
app. Why not try setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual, sit up, stick your
headphones in and just do it, before you have a chance to press the snooze button.
The mind is particularly receptive on waking and it will set you up for a more mindful

6) See the World Through a Child’s Eyes Again

The primary ‘job’ of children is to play, explore and use their imagination. They live
completely in the moment and depending on their age may not even understand the
concept of ‘tomorrow’ yet! Going for a walk with a toddler will involve stopping to
squat down and look at every interesting bug, leaf, flower or stone along the way.
Could you ever see yourself replicating this behavior as an adult? Why not try
looking at things from a child’s perspective and discovering your wonder for life
again! Don’t forget the little version of you once found all the small things in the world
fascinating, so there’s no reason you can’t re-discover your amazement and
appreciation for life. Even better, spend time with kids, and if you don’t have your
own, ask a friend or family member with children if you can babysit for a few hours,
and see how their inquisitive and present nature rubs off on you too.

7) Wise Up with A Life-changing Workshop

There are so many wonderful workshop options available in Perth these days,
offering everything from how to make sauerkraut and kimchi, to business
networking and coding. There is something magical about a group of kick-ass like
minded ladies getting together to connect and learn something new. We all tend to
get constantly pulled in a million directions with the endless responsibilities of life,
that a great way to come back to yourself and connect with others is through a
workshop. A great option that ticks all the above boxes is the “Choose to Thrive”
workshop series. These half-day retreat-style workshops are an investment in
creating a more meaningful and fulfilling life you love, including:
– Food: delicious and nutritious meals and treats – you won’t go home hungry!
– Yoga: programmed to create a deeper connection between your physical self and your
mental and emotional self;
– Workshop: dynamic, interactive content with actionable strategies for positive life
– Gorgeous take-home resources for ongoing inspiration;
– The chance to meet and network with a group of equally fabulous ladies!

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