Pink Protein Pasta

Pink Protein Pasta


Pasta is always a winner in the GGC office. This pasta sauce is full of protein and iron and has become a total staple! It’s so quick and easy to make and it’s loaded with pretty pink nutrition.

When choosing pasta Viky from Earth & Lust recommends spelt pasta and gluten free pasta. Also if you have beetroot powder handy, she recommends adding it to the pasta sauce to make it even more pink – extra nutrition, colour and flavour!


Your choice of pasta

Nutritional yeast flakes


For the Pasta Sauce:

1 can or 1 cup cooked red kidney beans

300g organic silken tofu

4 Tbsp tomato paste

Pinch of black pepper

Salt to taste


Simply blend all ingredients to make the sauce. Cook pasta as normal, lather it with pink sauce, serve with spinach and top with nutritional yeast flakes for cheesiness and a B12 kick.

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