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Opening Hours

Please see our website for class times, Monday through Saturday.


Body Mbrace

Body Mbrace

Perth’s most passionate, unique and devoted personal training studio.

Body MBrace is Perth’s premier personal training studio, specialising in private and small group personal training. Our facility is not your typical gym. It is a boutique studio divided into two separate rooms, where you are able to exercise in a private, comfortable and relaxed environment without feeling intimidated and overwhelmed as is often experienced in large, busy gyms.

Body MBrace uses MYZONE technology, which is a new, innovative, heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology allowing us to accurately monitor your physical activity in real time, as well as your progress as you improve. It completely takes the guesswork out of your workouts and ensures that we are as accurate as we can be in prescribing your exercise.

Instant feedback is sent to you via an email with an exercise summary, which can also be viewed online, or on your MYZONE app. Here you are able to view current and past activity allowing us to accurately track your progress.

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