Perth’s Multi-Sensory Playground That Will Impress The Kids And You Will Love

Perth’s Multi-Sensory Playground That Will Impress The Kids And You Will Love


MSWA Events have blown us away with their multi-sensory playground here in Perth.

It’s the perfect adventure for all the family. Immerse yourself in Perth’s most amazing and interactive event!

SensAtion Gallery is Perth’s most interactive and insta-worthy event, with more than 20 bespoke interactive installations! Unlock your imagination and prepare to challenge your senses as you immerse yourself in a multi-sensory adventure.

How do our senses interact with our brain? How important our senses and what happens if they are reduced or lost? How do people with neurological conditions see, feel, smell, hear and taste and understand the world?

The team at MSWA took on the challenge to help us understand the answers to these questions in the most enjoyable way possible.

Be prepared to have all your senses challenged by more than 20 bespoke interactive installations from local artists.

Sensation of Sight

They say vision is the most powerful of all the senses. Our eyes connect us to our surroundings, delivering information to our brain to create an understanding of the world around us. Be prepared to alter your perception of reality a question of what is right in front of your eyes.

The aim of the space is to remind you of the complexity and importance of the sense of sight.

Artist @universalhobo

Sensation of Sound

Unmanaged stress can have severe implications on our bodies and minds.

This space explores the way in which sound therapy can bring relaxation and restore health.

Artist @kimberryberry

Sensation of Smell

Scent often invokes strong memories and feelings. A particular smell can take us back in time, connect us with another person and trigger a deep emotional response. Enter the green room and allow your senses to take you on an immersive journey.

In this space, visitors will experience the scent of a jungle. Working with Margaret River based Melis Perfumery, the artists have created the smells and sensation of rain, tropical flowers, wind, and greenery.

Artist @nathnvhall @hukunamaboo

Sensation of Taste

Food is so much more than sustenance. It brings family and community together and allows us to connect with loved ones and create new relationships. In many homes, the kitchen set up will be built for some fun and playful photo opportunities.

For those living with neurological conditions, the taste is one of the senses that can be affected, impacting their enjoyment of food and / o appetite and quality of life. It may also be challenging to maintain a healthy nutritional intake.

Artist @jordanbrunofficial

Sensation of Touch

Of the five senses, touch is the one we most apt to take for granted, yet it is vitally important to understanding and relating to our environment through sensations such as temperature, pressure, and pain.

This space will be a blast of yellow with holes in which you ill be able to fit your hand. Each hole will have an object inside you won’t be able to see – you won’t be able to see – you will have to put your hand in and touch.

Artist @zachaslebyadventures

All Roads Lead To The Brain

Our five senses connect us to the outside world and our brain allows u understand it. Sensory neurons carry information from the receptor cells throughout the body to the bain. Our brain gathers this information, interprets it and uses it to perceive the world around us, the brain is powered by billions of electrical signals firing every second.

In this space, the string lights represent the firing of synapses in the brain. Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions are impacted by the misfiring interruptions or blockage along the neurological pathways and other factors resulting in symptoms that affect motor and sensory functions throughout the body.

Artist @jameyleefranz


Opening on November 7th – for a limited season … To find out more about SensAtion head to

Make sure you download the EyeJack App to see it all come to life.

Photo credit @vandermeerkat


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