This Perth Healthy Box Delivery is Hard To Beat

This Perth Healthy Box Delivery is Hard To Beat


My Foodie Box is Perth’s most succulent and sustainable food box. Its weekly meal boxes can be ordered online at the touch of a button and are delivered straight to your door for your convenience. My Foodie Box boasts a service that suits your lifestyle with flexible subscription options, minimal food preparation and less time spent planning meals. Best of all, it allows you to cook at home with restaurant standards.


  1. Fabulously Fresh


It’s well known that cooking with fresh ingredients tastes better and is healthier for you. My Foodie Box is obsessed with all things fresh. Their weekly box brings you local Western Australian produce from the farm straight to the table. Their ingredients are sustainably sourced so that you can enjoy tastier meals made from high-quality ingredients. That’s a food for thought!


  1. Take Your Pick


Ever grow tired of the same recipes week after week? Get spoilt for choice by selecting any of the 12 seasonally inspired recipes available. Indulge your palette with the beef kofta and lentil salad or try the miso tofu coconut curry for a plant-based option. However, if you are one of those people who can’t decide what you want to eat, My Foodie Box has a mystery box option that ensures your meals are handpicked based on your dietary preferences. Saving time on meal planning sounds good to us!


  1. Save Your Tastebuds and Your Wallet


My Foodie Box’s packaging is as budget-friendly as their recipes are creative! Gone are the days of forking out (pun intended) a wad of cash for a meal kit. Starting at a mere $8.12 per serving, you can enjoy chef-crafted meals for a penny-pinching price. The best bit about the plans are that there is no lock-in contract so you can skip deliveries weeks at a time or stop altogether; they’re completely flexible.


  1. There is No Planet B


Polystyrene and plastic be gone! When it comes to looking after the planet, My Foodie Box goes above and beyond. Not only are the ingredients sustainably sourced but the meal boxes have been specifically designed to ensure that every component of the box can be recycled or composted. To go the extra mile, the large box is picked up when your next order is delivered and that is even reused up to 4 times after sanitising.


  1. Step Up Your Cooking Game


Half the fun of cooking at home is enjoying the process of making the food before you enjoy eating it! My Foodie Box helps you do just that with its diverse range of ingredients and creative combination of recipes. We loved that each box comes with step by step recipe cards and the ingredients come pre-portioned so you can make the perfect meal every time. Besides the quick delivery service and the fool-proof guides, our favourite thing about My Foodie Box is that it even has its own foodie hotline that you can call if you are running out of a crucial pantry item or are in need of some moral support when following the recipe!


To discover unique ingredients, develop new cooking techniques and cook delicious meals at home in 35 minutes or less, head to 

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