Your Perfect Matcha – A Guide to All Things Matcha in Brisbane

Your Perfect Matcha – A Guide to All Things Matcha in Brisbane


Forget the Bachelor, we’ve found the one – your perfect matcha if you will. While the unnerving green may conjure up visions of the Wicked Witch of the West, the beauty behind matcha’s beastly appearance comes from its taste. Matcha is packed with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals meaning Green Goodness Co is obsessed with this green goodness superfood! To get you on the bandwagon too, here are our top picks for the best spots in Brisbane to get your matcha fix.

1. Banter Coffee House, Manly West

Matcha is commonly served in hip cafes in latte form and Banter has perfected this art. The natural earthy aroma of the matcha is not lost in the preparation process and on soy milk, it’s the perfect cup to warm you up!

2. The Little Larder, New Farm

Alright, we get it. You’re cool. If hot drinks aren’t your thing, The Little Larder’s Iced Matcha latte’s are sure to satisfy. You’ll be slurping up every last drop.

3. Sinmei Tea, Paddington

Let me set the scene. It’s a Sunday. You’ve organised brunch with your mum but you had quite a night out last night. Your head is cloudy. The sun is too bright. You need a pick me up. Two words for you: Matcha Sunrise. We promise there’s no alcohol – just fresh orange juice and matcha. You’ll be fresh as a daisy in no time!

4. Sonder Dessert, Sunnybank Hills

Dessert-lovers come from yonder to taste the wonder that is Sonder. Every dessert looks too good to eat but trust us, you’ll be glad you took the first bite. Get yourself a Matcha Natsu – it will look beautiful on your Instagram feed and for desserts this good, you’ll need to savour the memory because the food won’t be long on your plate!

5. B+C LAB Café, Kelvin Grove

You’ve probably seen it pop up on your Instagram feed – the famous matcha crepe cake. Layer upon light, fluffy, wafer thin layer of sweet matcha, gliding effortlessly onto the fork of some lucky consumer. That cake – that beautiful matcha crepe cake – lives at B+C LAB. QUT students have no excuse to pass this treat up as it’s right on campus!

6. Wagaya, Fortitude Valley

Well known for it’s authentic Japanese foods, the matcha ice cream at Wagaya is stronger in flavour, so we recommend this dessert to matcha connoisseurs. Not too sweet and not too bitter, it’s a refreshing finish to dinner.

Have we missed your favourite spot? Where do you go for your matcha fix in Brisbane?

ごちそうさま! Thank you for the meal!

Elizabeth Tuckett


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