Natural Beauty Secrets

Natural Beauty Secrets


When considering taking a more natural approach to the products we use on our skin, it can feel quite daunting. But beauty doesn’t always come from a bottle.

When I first began my eco journey, I was convinced I needed a science degree to understand man-made ingredients and learn what was and wasn’t safe to use. Purchasing and trialing many products that claimed to be ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ and that cheekily contained hidden nasties got quite expensive too. Not to mentioning disheartening. So these days my plan of attack is both fun and simple.


Take a nice deep breath and allow yourself to discover what feels good for you. This is a personal journey and not all changes need to be made today. Don’t stress if you have a stash of products that are half used or unopened. Take the time to use up what you have or gift the unopened products so that they don’t go to waste.

Start from the inside
I am a firm believer that radiance comes from within. By turning to focus on what makes you happy and feel lovely inside, you will be able to make choices that are naturally good for you and your skin. The treats that have my skin glowing each day are: rosehip tea; vitamin C; high quality fats and protein; natural sun protection; and 2+ litres of water.

Navigate the chemical maze
Download App ‘The Chemical Maze’ for a guided list of ingredients, their ratings in terms of safety, and what each was used for.

Create a simple routine
After having cleared the deck of my old products, and found more natural alternatives I was ready to experiment and design a routine that suited my busy lifestyle. I still follow this routine today: a water cleanse on waking, apply SPF moisturiser and some lip balm, a good deep cleanse in the shower each night and a moisturiser for overnight. Any other treats like scrubs and masks I turn to my pantry and get my DIY on.

Choose your beauty products
This is a very personal process. For me, once I learned that it only takes 17 seconds for my skin to absorb the ingredients from the products I use straight into my bloodstream, my priority became using ingredients that are both safe and natural. You may wish to go completely minimal and use edible products such as coconut oil, or wish to retain your sense of luxury by purchasing a few trusted natural products.

Handmade products make beautiful gifts for yourself and loved ones. From a lovely coconut sugar scrub, to a heavenly scented essential oil perfume, the loving act of preparing treats that are rich in nourishing ingredients can be a soulful journey of discovery and creativity.

This is the biggest gift we can give to our skin, and our health. While we sleep, our body can get to work replenishing our bodies and restoring our wellbeing. Whether it is a 30 minute nap, or a solid night’s sleep – your body and complexion will thank you for it.

Avoid comparison
We are all unique and it makes no sense to compare ourselves with others. This does not serve anyone well. By turning inward to what makes us feel beautiful within, we acknowledge to ourselves that we are perfect, exactly as we are. By comparing ourselves to others we are not gaining positivity and inspiration from the experience.

Find Joy
By finding simple ways to reconnect with our own happiness, we can tap in to our own beauty and youthfulness. A gorgeous smile is much more beautiful than a wrinkly frown! When I find life its challenging, I turn to my Joy Bank: a collection of happy memories, music that makes me feel good, images of things I love and that make me feel happy, so that I can access real happiness whenever I need.

Olivia is a mother, writer, teacher, seer and lightworker who is blessed to call Byron Bay home. Visit or on Instagram @oliviagynell.

Image: Olivia Gynell


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