Inspring Nutritionist, Zoe Bingley-Pullen, Shares *Everything* She Does to Stay at the Top of Her Game!

Inspring Nutritionist, Zoe Bingley-Pullen, Shares *Everything* She Does to Stay at the Top of Her Game!


First up, briefly tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

I am a nutritionist, mother, author, chef and founder of Nutritional Edge – a nutritional consultancy company based in Sydney.

To help impart my philosophy around eating for a healthy lifestyle, I created my online Falling in Love with Food 8-week Program. This Program teaches people how to have a loving attitude towards food for life and shows how healthy eating can be both delicious and beneficial to health. To find out more visit my website.

I spent 5 years as co-host of Channel 10’s Good Chef Bad Chef and am now making regular appearances on Channel 7’s The House of Wellness tv show and also radio show.

I am also the author of two cookbooks Eat Taste Nourish (2009) and Falling in Love with Food (2016) and have enjoyed working with many brands including Vitasoy, SunRice, Woolworths and Thompson’s (hemp) to help strengthen their message around living a healthier lifestyle.

Do you have an evening wind-down ritual?

Having a 4 year old means that evenings can be chaotic depending on her needs, I usually start my wind down by getting in the kitchen to cook dinner. I don’t have a ritual per se, my advice is to go with the flow and don’t stress about the small things – some days will flow well and other days will be chaotic.

Your absolute favourite healthy cafe in Bondi is?

I would have to say Organic Republic Bakery in Bondi Beach – their smashed avocado is worth trying and I also love their dish with eggs and salsa verde!

Favourite farmers market or healthy place to shop?

I love to visit the EQ markets at Moore Park. In addition to this, I enjoy visiting the Bondi Markets each Sunday. I get the majority of my food from the markets so I am grateful to have good markets local to me.

What’s your fitness routine & favourite way to get sweaty and where’s your go-to?

I have an amazing trainer who takes me through functional based training, which I absolutely swear by. As a 40 year old, I have noticed a big change in what I can and can’t do – HIIT style training no longer works for me and neither do weight sessions. Since doing functional based training I have noticed I get less injuries and recover more quickly. I am also a big fan of Pilates at BodyMindLife and also walking. I am quite practical with my walking and movement and will often do work such as interviews or talking to a client as I walk, this makes me walk for longer and faster and keeps me energized!

What’s the one beauty or wellness treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

Since getting ross river fever last year, I have found infrared saunas to be very beneficial to reduce pain and I have noticed a big improvement in recovery rates generally – whether it be post exercise or from colds. Nimbus & Co in Bondi Beach is my go to spot.

I have also found good results from regular floats – while floats have been around for a while, it wasn’t until I got ross river that I started to use them regularly. I still make floats a regular part of my health routine.

Beauty wise, I am a big fan of oils, whether it be almond oil for the body or a more comprehensive oil for the face, they are my preferred beauty lotion for skin health.

And lastly… do you have any top secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

Cold press vegetable juices daily – I have a champion juicer at home and sometimes I make it and sometimes my husband makes it, it’s my number one tip for feeling good! A favourite combo of mine is beetroot, carrot, ginger, lemon, turmeric and celery.


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