How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling


Holidays are definitely a time to let go a little and enjoy yourself. We all treat ourselves with a drink or two, or indulge in the local cuisine a little more than we should. With a lack of optimal nutrition, long hours on planes and a change in environments even the healthiest of us are prone to catching something while abroad.

After a month of travelling around Europe, here are a few tips I used to keep my health in check:


These are a fundamental supplement to take with on your travels. You can find a shelf-stable (one that doesn’t need to be refrigerated) probiotic at your local health food store. Choose one with the highest colony forming unit (CFU) number or one recommended by an in-store naturopath. Probiotics will keep your digestive system happy and help keep your good bacteria in check when your diet standards may drop.

Zinc and vitamin C:

These two play an important role in strengthening the immune system so you can’t go wrong from finding a good quality supplement to take with you to include in your daily travel routine.

Opt to walk if you can:

Instead of catching an Uber or public transport to get from one side of the city to the other, if it’s a reasonable distance just walk it instead. Not only will you get in some low intensity exercise, but you’ll end up seeing so much more of the city you’re in.

Choose fresh and green over energy-dense and doughy:

No matter how badly you may want that pizza or pasta, choose the fresh salad or veggie dish instead. Not only will you lighten the carb load but also you’ll get more nutrients and vitamins from choosing something fresh and green. If anything make at least one meal of the day like this.

Take some health snacks with you:

Pack a few nut bars or bliss balls in your suitcase and then carry one or two around with you at a time on your adventures so that when you are hungry and in need of a snack, you have a healthy option to keep you going and keep you away from the tempting sugar-coated delights that you may walk past.

Keep hydrated:

Instead of buying plastic bottles of water, save yourself the exposure to BPA and save your money by bringing a reusable bottle that’s easy for you to carry around and refill throughout the day.

Take an immune herbal complex:

We are lucky to have an abundance of health food stores that stock herbal remedies for a variety of illnesses or just a general immune booster so I recommend getting one before you head off because finding them overseas was not the easiest, and chances are you’ll need one. Find one with a mixture of echinaceae, andrographis and some other immune herbs, or ask an in-store naturopath to find the best one for you.

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