Chasing Rainbows – Spreading Joy

Chasing Rainbows – Spreading Joy


Join us in chasing rainbows and to choose JOY. #chasingrainbows2020  We are together in this. This Pandemic is a global crisis and bringing so much uncertainty and unprecedented times for us all.

I want to acknowledge the severity of this situation for us all. I also want to recognise the stress and strain we are going through for an array of reasons, such as isolation, time away from loved ones, financial stress, loss and more. Loneliness and being restricted physically will play a bigger impact on our Mental Health which has been a growing issue in our community.

Despite the challenges, we need to keep choosing joy, faith, and connection. We want to be supporting each other as much as possible if we can’t physically be there with our friends, family, and our local community we wanted to do something to bring a happy distraction your way.  We see chasing rainbows as a movement for anyone to get on board and bring joy to your days. For you and your family. We were so inspired by the Rainbow Trail in Australia and UK and wanted to keep sharing the rainbow love but wanted to broaden the scope so everybody can get involved.

So your brief…. Go crazy, have fun, use your interests or your hobbies to bring something to life with your flair. We can’t wait to see what inspires you. Sing, Dance, Bake, Draw, Design, Colour, Create, Move or Heal. Let your creative juices run wild with the rainbow as your inspiration. Share your adventures on your socials and use #chasingrainbows2020 be sure to tag @greengoodnessco and @jbcreative  and let’s keep those positives vibes flowing. Stay Safe beautiful souls.

Don’t forget we are in together so let’s come together (Virtually) and paint the town RED!!! And Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Inigo, and Violet 🌈.

There is a Facebook Commuity here to keep us all in the good vibes.


• Do the Chasing Rainbows Dance by @jbcreative__ on Instagram or FB – (Use the Audio – Love Train –Trolls on Spotify)

• Tik Tok #chasingrainbows2020 – @jodiecreates

• Paint or draw rainbows with the kids – create your artwork put them out the front or in your windows to take part in the Rainbow Trail.

• If you are an artist we would love you to create some sounds. Use the Song Love Train – original or Trolls version. Mix it up or make it your own. ( I have no idea about copyright for music but budding artists should know )

• Graphic Designers, illustrators, and marketers find your favorite quotes, make your most beautiful rainbows and have fun creating some happy artwork and content for the world.

• Artists, potters, florists and any other talented souls work your magic and create something colorful and cool for us to engage with.

• Do a Rainbow Meditation focus on cultivating the following (1 min on each):

       ❤️ Red: Love

       🧡 Orange: Connection

       💛 Yellow: Compassion

       💚 Green: Peace

       💙 Blue: Kindness

       💜 Indigo: Hope

       💜 Violet: Faith

• Sound Healers, Healers, Yogi’s, Mediation Teachers if you wanted to create anything to help us bring any of the above rainbow elements into our days that would be incredible.

• Eat the rainbow and get creative with your culinary skills. Make it healthy, make it pretty, make it however you want it to be as long as it brings you joy. Happy tummy times as important.

• PT’s, Trainers and Movement Experts we would love for you to create workouts with the rainbow in mind… what joy can you bring to our days??

Thank you so much for helping us share #chasingrainbows2020

In love & goodness,


Rach xx

Green Goodness Co


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