How to have a Byron Bay Day Here in WA!

How to have a Byron Bay Day Here in WA!


In Perth we seem to sell ourselves short with what we have to offer. We often dream of running off to Byron Bay or even as far as California to find that divine feminine gypsy soul experience, but right on our door step lies some hidden gems (crystals) and treasures. Fremantle is known for its eco conscious vibe and earthy feels, but you just need to know where to find them. When we find ourselves feeling a little lost spiritually or just feeling the need for a magical day we take ourselves down to Freo to our favourite spots.

1. Number one on our list is Beads and Bangles located on the corner of Phillimore and Cliff Street in Fremantle. The shop is a little rough around the edges and it’s definitely not your typical crystal haven. You’ll walk in to R&B music playing and see piles of beads and trinkets down the aisles but if you take a closer look you’ll find an amazing selection of crystals. The owner Alex is quiet but ask him for any assistance you need and he will happily help, pulling out his crystal book and guiding you to the perfect crystal. He is also slightly intuitive once you get to know him a little better and he will often hand you a crystal along with its meaning telling you this is what you need and of course he is always right. I love this place because it’s not your usual crystal store but it holds many hidden beauties within it.

2. The next stop on our adventure list is Halka B Organics; this is an incredible and beautiful store. Everything in this shop has been carefully selected to fit in with the shops ethics and values for sustainable, organic, ethical and for empowering you, humanity and the earth. It has a range of natural, raw, organic, toxin-free skin care full of vital antioxidants. As well as organic essential oils, smudging tools, loose herbs for burning, incense sticks, intricately handcrafted jewellery and beautiful wind chimes that fill the air with the most calming music. Just being in this store is an experience for all of your senses. It is the perfect stop before your next moon ritual or spiritual cleansing day!

Halka B is located at 36 South Terrace Piazza.

3. Shop, thrift, swap. Of course every true eco warrior knows that where possible things should be traded or bought second hand. Fremantle is packed with op shops and this one is our new favourite find! St Pats Rack is a little smaller than some of the spots on High Street but it does hold a different quirky range. From vintage headscarves to designer handbags, this place has what you need to fulfil your eco conscious fashion goddess. Profits from the op shop provide vital funds that go to providing meals, health services and support services to people in need. St Patrick’s works to provide immediate and holistic care for the homeless, those at risk of being homeless and the disadvantaged in Fremantle and the wider south west area of Perth, and you can find the at 32 Adelaide Street, Fremantle.

4. Onto South Fremantle and the adventure continues with Pekho. Tucked away on Wray Avenue, Pekho is bursting at the seams with incredible unique treasures. Combining beautiful earthy textiles, handmade ceramics, apothecary, brocante, African beads, gorgeous wooden decorator pieces and womenswear carefully sourced from around the world. It is near impossible to not love everything you set your eyes upon in this store. With everything so carefully selected it’s a one stop shop for your inner foodie & interior designer.

5. If you are ready to pamper yourself and let your true goddess shine then Inner Wild Conscious Beauty was made just for you. Krysten, the storeowner, is extremely passionate and knows everything there is to know about toxin free beauty. Her shop stocks a huge range of beauty products, all sourced from Australia and as locally as possible. Krysten is more than happy for you to wonder around and try her samples as well as give you a mini makeup demo. The stores aim is to provide high quality with organic/natural, cruelty free and eco friendly products to a local store to prevent people from having to do online purchases. The best part is being able to smell, test and try before you buy. Don’t forget that by shopping locally you reduce delivery waste!

6. Of course the last stop on our list is the hub for all things eco friendly and vegan, The Raw Kitchen, is ever expanding. Their Zero Store has grown to take up nearly half the space of the restaurant, but we definitely aren’t complaining. It’s our wonderland. They’ve got everything from eco cleaning brushes, books, salt lamps, make up, body care, and storage to our favourite section, eco baby products. Anything your conscious little heart could imagine is in this store. The best part about popping in is you can’t miss the change to indulge in a golden latte, shroom hot chocolate or treat your self to a delicious smoothie. Why not throw in a bliss ball while you are at it, our favourite is the caramel.

Blog post loving provided by Ash & Chels from Sugarfree Sisters x

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