WA’s Best Organic Wines & Wineries

WA’s Best Organic Wines & Wineries


It’s always happy hour somewhere…

As much as we love green juice, yoga and hemp seeds – when the clock strikes 5 the gentle siren song of a relaxing glass of red, white, or rose can often be heard calling our name. Especially during Winter when it’s just so hygge to snuggle up on the couch with a cat, a bowl of vegan soup, the heater on and a delicious red in hand… and it’s totes healthy because, antioxidants.

To up the health game of your wine even further, opting for an Organic or Biodynamic tipple is the way to go. This means that the grapes have been grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides – or anything that is unnatural, chemically and could potentially be bad for your health. What’s even better is that the majority of these wines are vegan too.

To help you in your journey towards optimal health whilst still enjoying a drink or two (yasss!), we’ve rounded up a list of WA’s best Organic & Biodynamic wineries – and the best part is that most of them have an online shop so if you don’t feel like trekking down to the liquor store – or taking a trip down south – then you can have your Organic grape goodness delivered straight to your doorstep. Winning.

Harris Organic Wines

Found in the Swan Valley, this is Perth’s only Organic winery (yay for local!). Certified Organic by the ACO since 2006, Harris Organic Wines are on a mission to provide the best hot climate micro-batch organic wines available. With irrigation being only provided from the sky and natural yeast being using in the fermenting process, this is really the “slow food” style of wine you’ve been looking for in your fast paced life. In addition, they have chickens roaming the vineyards in search of grubs to keep the vines healthy – love!


Proving there is always a chance to re-invent yourself, we have Stormflower. The vineyard was planted in the mid-1990’s as a regular winery, and after taking it over in 2007, the owners of Stormflower began the slow process of transition to using organic compost and minimising the use of chemicals in the wine making process. After years of hard work, they were certified organic in 2016 by NASAA, and now produce wines that are intended to drink well on release and are geared around food. Bring on the canapés!

Burnside Organic Farm

If you can’t make it down to Margaret River for a farm stay, you can at least pretend you are on one with Burnside Organic Farm wines. Producing Zinfandel and Vermentino’s exclusively, these wines are made from fruit handpicked in early March (when the moon is waxing and sugar levels are at their best) and left to ferment in open vats. Factor in they’ve been certified organic for 15 years and use geese as natural weed control in the vineyard, Burnside is practically a staycation in a bottle.

Cullen Wines

The original Organic winery in WA. Since 1971 when the vineyard was originally planted, there has been minimal chemical intervention and was the first Australian winery to offset carbon dioxide emission under the Carbon Neutral program – go Cullen! Further, their use of viticultural practices (planting, fruit picking and fertilizing according to moon rhythms) is reflected in some their wines names. Yes, I’ll have a glass or two of “Red Moon” and “Dancing in the Moonlight” please!

McHenry Hohnen

Think from the ground up with McHenry Hohnen. Literally. They spend much of their time nurturing their soil with natural compost and manure made on site to “feed the soil. That way you get a more balanced growth, vines that are stronger and have a higher disease resistance. Along with minimal intervention practices (wild yeast, minimal sulphur, and no filtration), these wines truly showcase the richness of the earth of Margret River.


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