Do you know what’s in your plant based protein and is it actually delivering what you need?

Do you know what’s in your plant based protein and is it actually delivering what you need?


In case you hadn’t heard, natural, clean living is all the go right now. As we learn more about what’s in our food and environment, more and more people are turning to natural, plant based dietary choices, and for good reason. As part of this lifestyle shift, we’re seeing a larger preference for natural, plant based health supplements including a massive move away from whey protein to plant protein. Rich in nutrients and fibre, plant based proteins also boast a higher protein content, which is the whole reason you’re using a protein supplement right?

But there’s more to plant based proteins than meets the eye and we’ve created a handy guide to make sure you’re full bottle on a couple of key factors before you hit the shops.

Make sure it’s a Whole Protein
With so many products on the market at the moment, it can be hard to know what to look for when selecting a plant based protein. One of the most important things to look for is whether or not it’s a whole protein. Don’t worry, we can hear you scratching your head, so let’s explain.

A whole protein contains a complete profile of essential amino acids to support optimum health and wellness goals, including muscle recovery and performance. Often, plant based proteins will contain only a handful of amino acids depending on which source of protein they are made from (Soy is the only plant based protein source that naturally contains all of the essential amino acids.) Brands will often artificially add the remaining amino acids, or simply leave them out as an incomplete protein.

Our pick for the best whole protein supplement is the Optimum Nutrition Plant Based Protein, a product which features a unique combination of organic pea, brown rice and sachi inchi proteins which work to naturally create a whole protein.

Look Out for Nasties
If you look closely at many of the protein products on the market you’ll find a huge number of added artificial ingredients. We’re not here to flood our systems with chemicals so if you can find a plant based protein that is organic, gluten free, soy free, non GMO with no artificial flavours then you are #winning! The Optimum Nutrition Plant Based Protein does just that. It also proudly boasts a Gold Standard status, and for good reason too, the blend is made from the highest quality natural ingredients that are kind to your body and the environment. The protein features a gluten free blend of ancient grains and legumes and pomegranate powder, not to mention is also USDA certified organic.

The Short of it

A plant based protein complements a healthy diet and active lifestyle perfectly. Use it for muscle recovery, performance, as a meal replacement, for weight management, balance sugar cravings and boost your metabolism. The powerful formula of Optimum Nutrition Plant Based Protein is a nutritious superfood which will help keep your goals, diet and energy levels on track. Packing a powerful protein punch at 24g per serve, it is the ultimate sidekick for optimum health and wellbeing.  

Optimum Nutrition Plant Based Protein is available online at Supplement Mart or in all good health food stores and fitness stores. For more information on Optimum Nutrition and their Gold Standard Plant Based Protein visit Optimum Nutrition, or follow their Instagram and Facebook.


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