Why I said no to New Year’s resolutions

Why I said no to New Year’s resolutions


I can’t believe 2015 is over! Don’t you think the year went by super quick? Much faster the normal…

So you might have also noticed that around this time of year people start to think about the things they did, and the things they didn’t do over the last 12 months. Things they want to do, or things they tried to do but failed at first time around (or maybe second or third time around, as the case may be). And then they save up all those thoughts of failure and come January 1st announce to the world, “This time I will not fail! From today onwards I will only eat [greens, vegetables, food starting with p], and I will lose [5, 20, 150] kg, and I will be [happy, successful, able to move on with my life].”

Sound familiar? It’s New Year’s resolution time!

I’m not against the resolutions, per se. I’m just against the concept of them. It’s the way people approach the subject, I think, that I don’t necessarily agree with. I love that people see the new year as an opportunity for self-development, or growth, or a chance to start again. I see that myself! But what I don’t like is the pressure I see people putting themselves under.

It becomes so black and white – you either succeed, or you fail. There’s no in between, no middle ground. Have you ever noticed that the gyms are generally packed in January but come February they’ve all emptied out? The majority of the population are sitting at home telling themselves how miserably they failed and they have no choice but to eat takeaways, feel super crap about themselves and wait until the next year rolls around (while still paying the new gym membership of course) to try again.

It’s awful. And it shouldn’t be that way.

There’s a line that we need to draw between creating a goal for ourselves, and acting like a drill sergeant. Perhaps it’s also the way we word our resolutions that makes the difference.

Try this one on for size: “This year I’m going to go to the gym four times a week, get fit and lose 10kg.” Seems fair enough, and pretty standard.

But what about if we try it like this: “This year I’m going to add a little more movement into my day, in whatever form I feel like at the time. I’m going to eat a little bit healthier, add a few more vegetables into my meals, but still enjoy a treat every now and then. I’m going to allow myself the freedom to explore the journey into a healthier lifestyle at my own pace and in a way I’m comfortable doing. I also recognise that I’m perfect exactly as I am, and I find happiness from all areas of my life, not just from my physical form.”

Now that’s not a resolution, my friend. That’s an intention. A mantra, an affirmation. That’s showing yourself some love – not hating yourself if you don’t reach a certain target. It’s recognising your own individual path, allowing yourself to be on that path, and accepting your place on that path.

If you want to achieve something then absolutely give yourself that goal! Life is full of incredible opportunities and we all need goals to push us and keep us inspired. But come from a place of positivity and support for yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself, allow yourself to have slip ups, and reward yourself for your successes!

I have to say, I rarely make New Year’s resolutions but I am loving making intentions at the moment. Me and the hubby have got a few in the pipeline for 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited about them. What about you? Think about what you’re aiming for in the new year, and have a go at wording it up just right. Get that affirmation going!

Written by Goodness Patroller Bianca MacLachlan from Vitality Health Coaching

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