The Ultimate Guide to Float Tanks in Perth

The Ultimate Guide to Float Tanks in Perth


Float tank therapy has well and truly taken off in Perth over the last couple of years and now, you can find a float tank in virtually every area from Fremantle all the way to Kelmscott. Each studio has a unique vibe and offer different services, mixing float therapy with everything from enzyme treatments, to neurofeedback therapy. Our little guide will help you find a studio that suits you.

Beyond Rest, Perth

If you’re working a busy schedule in the CBD, a weekly float at Beyond Rest might be the ideal ritual to keep your mind and body in balance. There’s complimentary tea in the lobby, comfy couches and inspiring books to read, as well as showers and hair dryers, so you can walk out the door like nothing happened.

Float Fremantle, Fremantle

Pairing float therapy with relaxation and remedial massage, Float Fremantle’s serene space offers tea before or after you float, so you can savour the experience a little longer.

FloatLab, North Beach

With float tanks in Currumbine, North Beach and Wembley, the interiors at Becalmed Float are simply stunning. Think raw wood mixed with sleek modern furnishings — you’ll want to stay and drink tea in their lounge forever.

Float and Restore, Various Locations

With an infrared sauna and a remedial massage to compliment float therapy, Float and Restore is a relaxed and family-run environment that’ll make you feel right at home.

Clear Mind Studio, Inglewood

The newest float centre to pop up on the scene, Clear Mind Studio is set to open in March 2019 and feature infra-red saunas (including WA’s first yoga sauna), open float tanks for the claustrophobic – along with regular float tanks, and a full timetable yoga studio. The ultimate in relaxation, restoration and healing. What’s not to love?

The Life Spring, Cockburn

You might need to destress, rehabilitate an injury, or restore after some intense exercise, whatever it is, The Life Spring in Cockburn is the place to do it. Pair your float with an infrared sauna after and you’ll practically drift out of there light as a feather.

Emersion Flotation Spa, Kelmscott

Aside from the float therapy, Emersion Therapy have a huge range of feel-good treatments. There’s hot stone massage and body enzyme treatments to exfoliate, strengthen and firm the skin and infrared saunas to compliment your float.

Altered States Float, Willeton

Aptly named, Altered States Float focus on more than just relaxation. Their Neurofeedback therapy that aims to up-level your consciousness. It works by connecting sensors onto the scalp so that feedback is delivered with audible cues to teach you to self-regulate brain function. Said to help with anxiety or ADHD, the non-medical uses of Neurofeedback extend to things enhanced creativity and performance in music, acting and dance. After a float, massage, or Neurofeedback session, drink tea and lounge in their comfortable space, or grab a guitar to play or mind expanding book from the shelves.

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