The Ultimate Confidence Boosting Workout

The Ultimate Confidence Boosting Workout


Exercise. It’s more than sweat, It’s more than physical effort, and it’s certainly so much more than the toned legs or six pack you’re longing after. So many of us lack in self-confidence and as a result never really live life at “full volume”. You can literally change your entire world with one simple, inexpensive, and totally liberating tool…. EXERCISE. Release endorphins, increase oxidization and blood flow, but more importantly replace the negative thoughts with the positive purely by starting your day with a 30 minute confidence boosting workout.

So your next question; what is the best type of exercise to increase your confidence? There is nothing more liberating than feeling FIT and STRONG. So a high intensity full body circuit is always a winner. Get your heart rate up, and challenge yourself in strength capacity.

Try this FULL BODY metabolic conditioning circuit that will have you running on a high all day long.

15 Torsion Bar Squat Press
15 Torsion Bar Bicep Curls
15 Torsion Bar Over Head Tricep Extension
10 Torsion Bar Front Raise (grip with both hands)
20 Hanging Leg Raises or Knee Tucks
50 high knees skipping
200m Treadmill Sprint with 2-5% Incline.


Remember, the way you treat yourself is the way your energy will play out. Start your day with 30 to 60 minutes dedicated to being the BEST you.
Your confidence will be through the roof! So if you have that big presentation you’ve been trying to psych yourself up for, or that dream job interview coming up, this IS the workout for YOU!

Article lovingly provided by Camilla Bazley follow her on social media at @coach_camilla


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