The Beginners Approach to Pram Jogging

The Beginners Approach to Pram Jogging


Before I became a first time mum, I used to really enjoy running. There is nothing better then heading out into the fresh air after a congested day and coming home feeling more inspired, relaxed and mindful of leading a healthy lifestyle.

One year has now gone by and I am a fit mum to a healthy girl, who loves to head out into open space on a fascinating pram jog 3-4 times a week.

To the like-minded community, here is my best advice on how to activate your pram jogging motivation.

1. Pram. Select a pram with good support for your baby and engineered for jogging. I own the Steelcraft Strider Compact and it’s perfect for my active lifestyle.

2. Safety. It is recommended to wait until your baby is at least 6 months old before you begin jogging. Prior to this age, get used to the feel of your pram by walking regularly.

3. Post Birth Recovery. You would have already practiced your pelvic floor and gradual low intensity exercises however, double check with your GP or physio to get the all clear for vigorous activity.

4. Maintenance. Check the weather is suitable, your baby is prepared with comfy clothes, toys & snacks and you are in your supportive LJ active wear ready to start.

5. Plan. Your first week jogging is best on a level plane path of 3-4km every second day. Map this out before you go, so you don’t get lost when bub has had enough.

6. First Week. Begin with a 5min brisk warm up walk and follow with intervals of 4mins of light jogging and 4mins of walking. If this is too much drop your running interval time.

7. Recovery. Make sure you stretch after every jog to avoid injury and restore with nutritive, nourishing wholefoods and plenty of clean fluids.

8. Self-Assessment. Be mindful of how you feel during and post pram jogging sessions to assess whether you will increase/decrease your time, distance and intensity. Do not continue if something does not feel normal. Take time to embrace healing and mental focus. There is no pressure to be the next elite pram jogger.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the active time together with your baby! You are imprinting lifelong healthy behaviours for yourself and your new family. On that note alone, you should be very proud.

Written by Goodness Patroller, Simone Nicholls.

Photo credit: @wargee Instagram

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