Sayonara Dad Bod Part III – Exercise is addictive

Sayonara Dad Bod Part III – Exercise is addictive


sayonara-dad-bodAfter 4 weeks of training flat out, I am already seeing the results. For those of you who haven’t caught my first couple of blogs, find the first one here… and the second one here, but if you’re time poor like me, the bottom line is I am on a health journey to reclaim my former self and lose the “dad bod” I gained since having our first child.

I have lost weight – not that I am weighing myself… but you can tell when you look in the mirror right? Plus, you know when you’re toning up because you start to wear clothes that haven’t fitted you since you were single. BUT…

Let’s just identify 2 things first:

  • I have not stopped drinking beer/wine completely. I need you to hear this and then understand some things about this first truth: I run a business. I have a teething child. I am Australian. I am not superhuman. I like to have a couple of beers and occasionally back this up with a couple more. Don’t judge me?

Seriously though, I went on a 5 week alcohol hiatus in January and, yes, I did feel better for it however it showed me that: a) some days are hard without a glass of wine / beer which leads me to b) I sometimes use alcohol to deal with stress. Just so you know, I am totally ok with that. Why the hell not? I know, I know… some of you out there are reading this and jumping up and down with some argument about something and it’s cool, I get it. YES there are health concerns with consuming booze. But I am not a “whiskey at noon” kind of guy and having a wine or a beer on a weeknight to unwind, well, for me it’s VERY healthy for my state of mind. (It’s not every night… like maybe 3 out of 7… 4 tops). I’m not going to beat myself up for not living like a monk.

  • I went out for dinner the other night and ate BBQ ribs. They were awesome. Covered in BBQ sauce which is probably full of sugar, but delicious. If it means anything, I ate half of the side salad. I AM eating clean 80% of the time however. The Momentum meals are really helping when we get into “I can’t be bothered cooking” mode. But again… I have 10,000 things to do every day and sometimes my eating habits take a back seat. Rach and I are serious about losing weight and about getting fit, but we live an incredibly busy life. Eating clean every single meal requires me to remove some of my dedication in other areas of my world that I am not willing to do. I feel like am constantly performing a balancing act.

sayonara-dad-bod-part-3HOWEVER… to “balance” out my nutritional indiscretions, I have been up at 5am, 5 days a week to train at F45 Perth CBD and I’m absolutely loving it. This is my “non-negotiable”. I work my ass off in that gym 5 days a week to compensate for some naughty nutrition and continue to lose the dad-bod. The training is seriously addictive and I am really getting into the swing of it. Great group of people and every day is a different set of exercises. LOVING IT!

Monday’s are hard because my body is a bit rusty from 2 days off. Tuesday is not as bad and I only hit the snooze button twice. The rest of the week is just habit. That’s it. If I can get my feet on the ground on Monday and Tuesday morning, at 5am, I am set for the week. And it’s not that hard. Even with 4 or 5 hours of sleep I’m still getting there.

It’s the days that you don’t want to go that count. Every time I consider skipping a class because it’s cold or raining… or dark, cold and raining… I repeat that phrase in my head.


I have had plenty of reasons to skip a class and to be fair I have missed 3. I missed 2 classes because Jack (my son) was really ill and wasn’t sleeping etc and I missed 1 class because I had gastro (or similar). 3 classes in 4 weeks – I’m not hating myself for that either.

My motivation comes from my commitment. Not my commitment to F45 or my training buddy, my partner Rach or my son Jack. My commitment to me. I am doing this for me.

I hope you have found your motivation and you are getting back to “old you” or “even better you”. I will be back in a couple of weeks with more of an update.

For more inspiration though, why not check out some of the other blogs going up on

Get exercising and Stay Healthy!!!


**Massive Thanks to these legends for helping Scotty along with his ‘Dad Bod Journey’.

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Follow Scotty on his journey to reclaim his health after having a child. A great insight into the mind of a man who is struggling to find balance.

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