Stop Shopping Until You Know These 14 Things About The Fashion Industry

Stop Shopping Until You Know These 14 Things About The Fashion Industry


There are some things that we think you should know before you head to the shops or jump online to browse your favorite brands. The founder of new ethical brand Keeper Denim was so passionate about being a voice for sharing the ugly truths behind this glamorous industry.


  1. The fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter, behind the oil industry. (Source: One Green Planet)


  1. The world now consumes a staggering 150 billion pieces of clothing each year.  (Source: Fashion Revolution)


  1. More than 50% of the fast fashion produced is disposed of in under one year. (Source: Share Cloth)


  1. Australia throws out 6,000kg of clothing, every 10 minutes.  (Source: War on Waste)


  1. Only 10% of the clothes people donate to charity or thrift stores actually get sold, the rest ends up in landfills or in developing countries where they are bought by the box and destroy the local industry. (Source: Remake)


  1. 6 billion pairs of jeans are made every year, with the majority of them using a toxic production process.  (Source: Eco Watch)


  1. The common distressed denim look is the result of several chemical-intensive washes.


  1. These washes include heavy metals such as manganese, cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead and copper, which are neurotoxic and carcinogenic.


  1. The contaminated wastewater run-off from these washes is dumped into the waterways surrounding the garment factories in developing countries, contaminating the local people’s drinking water.  (Source: River Blue)


  1. Conventional cotton is genetically modified and uses large amounts of water and toxic chemicals.


  1. It is estimated that conventional cotton production accounts for 16% of the world’s insecticide use and more than 6.8% of the world’s herbicide use.   (Source:


  1. So when we wear clothing which contains non-organic cotton, it increases our exposure to these chemicals which can be ingested through our skin, the largest organ of the human body.


  1. The impacts of these chemicals on both the environment and human health are largely untested.


  1. We have chosen to use organic cotton denim in all our jeans, as this cotton uses a lot less water than conventional cotton and it is also grown without the use of toxic synthetic chemicals.

Content lovingly shared are created by @keeperdenim ethical, sustainable, Australian made denim brand.

Now that you are more informed, what will you choose for your next purchase?.

Keeper Denim really has nailed the style and got an ethical and amazing brand. Head to their  Kickstarter campaign, we need to support brands like this.

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