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Stephanie D’Ovidio

Stephanie D’Ovidio

This workshop is like no other, not only will we be practicing meditation but we will dive into all things healing to centre your mind, body and soul. It will give you the space to release what is holding you back to embrace a fresh new mindset and energy field. The space is warm and inviting, and the women are always so supportive of one another.

Meditation is more then just a practice; it is a way of being. It is connecting deeply with who you are, to the centre within you. It is cutting through the stories of the ego, the mind made thoughts that are of course an illusion. It is reaching in and pulling out all of the love that lives within you, conquering the ego’s need of attachment to identity to feel like your worthy. It’s the space to let the pain surface within, to view it with eyes of compassion and to release it in order for the peace to follow after. It’s the journey of removing your past freeing you of burden, and releasing the worry of a future time to ideals in your mind. Making space for you to be present, clearing the unnecessary clutter in your mind so you can embrace vitality, energy, peace, strength and most importantly to be the captain of your own mind.

We will be:

Meditating using different styles
Releasing past belief systems
Cutting cords with what no longer serves
Learning about how your mind works and the ego’s function
Cultivate the practice of being present through meditation
How to keep your energy field cleansed and balanced
It’s all about YOU!

What you need:
An open mind and willingness to do what it takes

When & Where:
You have two options:

Evening classes:
Commencing 9th July, every Monday for six weeks
7.30pm to 9pm

Forte Physio
308 Walcott Street Menora

Day classes:
Commencing 19th July, every Thursday for six weeks
11.30am to 1pm

75 Coogee Street
Mount Hawthorn

What you also receive:
My booklet to keep you on track, with working sheets to complete at home.

Cost: $157


“Stephanie what a beautiful and calming soul you are. I honestly felt relaxed as soon as I entered the room. You taught me how to trust myself more when it comes to meditating. I was always doubting if I was doing it right but with your knowledge and guidance you filled in the blanks for me with meditation and I feel confident now to continue meditating on a daily basis.”
Kaitlyn B

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every night and have looked forward to it each week. Giving back to myself has been so worthwhile and rebalanced me. The energy a room full of women can create is amazing and humbling.”
Tamara Grant

“Stephanie’s workshop has been a valuable and life changing experience. I have been able to alter my perceptions of myself and the world around me. I feel more calm, centred and energised through the strategies and methods Stephanie has taught.” Melissa Maiolo

“Steph lives and breathes what she teaches. She is such a warm and engaging presenter as well as being knowledgeable and wise. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking some soul food.”
Sarah Whitehead

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