Stay Beauty Safe

Stay Beauty Safe


Here are 15 safe products to replace some of the nasties that may be lurking in your beauty cabinet.

Did you know the average woman puts 500 chemicals on her skin every day? 

Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing what we put onto it directly into your bloodstream. Play it safe and opt for organic, low toxicity hair and beauty products to keep yourself and the environment healthy.

Alana from Alana Nelson Organic Hair Artist says in using these products on a daily basis she has found her general health and skin so much better.

“I am no doctor nor do I hold qualifications as a health practitioner, BUT I can share with you my observations after so many years as a hairdresser and spray tanner using toxic, chemical brands for hair, tanning, makeup, beauty and even cleaning products. Since “cleaning up” my hair and beauty regime my health and skin have been so much better.

Switch yours up too, as it’s better late than never! Since I can’t go back in time all I can do is focus on giving my body and health the respect it deserves today and in the future.

Going healthier, ‘greener’, ‘eco’ or low toxicity definitely does not mean a sacrifice for lesser performance and more expense. I have found the quality and desired result of each safe, low toxicity product I now use and love, to match or out perform their popular chemical competitors I was using prior.

These days it’s a competitive market space and there can be great value for money. (Not that you can really put a price your health though, right?) I actually find, with less cosmetic “fillers” in most of the safer products, they are in turn much more concentrated and tend to go a lot further than the ones you may be using now.

Here’s my top 15 AMAZING & SAFE hair and beauty products to add to your regimen.

Shampoo & Conditioner:

These three are sure to suit almost all hair types:

  • Natulique. This is a salon only range and is eco-certified, safe. One of my professional products of choice on my clients, it contains a full range of home care, including wet (shampoos, conditioners and a deep treatment) and styling products priced from $29.95.
  • Nature’s Symphony. This is truly a quality product and my absolute fave at home and in salon for ALL hair types. It uses crab apple bach flower remedy to cleanse hair and scalp and increase your well-being.
  • Pineapple Heads shampoo and conditioner. This is one for the whole family. It performs well on all hair types, smells like lemon and, as well as shampoo and conditioner, has a leave in de-tangler and hair gel in the range. Priced from $18.95



  • Ere Perez. I love, love the eyeshadows, mascaras, cheek tint, lip balms and lipsticks. It’s a truly beautiful range that beats the competition.
  • Musq Mineral Makeup. Once I started using this mineral powder a couple of years ago, I haven’t used anything else. It evens out my skin perfectly and there are tons of tones to match any complexion. The coverage is so good you really can use it on its own – no concealer necessary – for a natural finish.


  • Cosima Skincare. Another product I have been addicted to since I found it, my cleanser, toner, day and night cream mask hail from this brand. Such a beautiful and concentrated product, a little goes a long way.
  • 100% Pure. The most moisturising and delicious smelling body lotions, from coffee to coconut and grapefruit flavours, they smell good enough to eat! The caffeine eye-cream works wonders and really brighten dark eye circles.


  • Eco Tan It is the safest faux tanning product on the market and the result is so natural looking. I would use them even if it wasn’t all about the safety, to be honest. It avoids the nasty chemical smell of many tanning products too.


  • Eco Tan offers a beautiful, coconut-scented one that really
  • Fresca. I found the lemon “citrus fresh” scent a great one and works well if you’re always on the go! It includes citrus essential oils that puts a pep in my step, and is my go to that I feel confident with – even post workout!


  • Eco Tan 30+ It’s not as thick (or cold, according to my kids) as some other safer brands. It also comes in white or bronze colours.

Nail polishes: 

  • Scotch has it has a great range and I love their polish remover, it really works well.
  • G.B. as its so easy! One coat, quick dry…done.

Knowing that my products aren’t harming myself and the environment puts an extra spring in my step (or glow in my cheeks).

I’m not saying to go and throw out all your cosmetics but be mindful as your products start to run low that replacing them with safer options will be so much better for your health and environment. For more product research, you can also check out – a great database of cosmetic ingredient info.

As well as doing this for yourself, you never know who else you are inspiring to use healthier alternatives.

Good Health is the sum of what you put ON & IN your body.

Blog provided by Alana from Alana Nelson Organic Hair Artist

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