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Deanne Hislop is the earth healer behind Geo-Harmony, where she relieves her clients from Geopathic Stress; a lesser-known, yet influential force that affects all of us. As a Geobiologist and Geomancer she combines both eastern and western energy modalities. Deanne’s healing is rooted in both the observable and the felt. Geo meaning ‘earth’ and ‘pathic’ meaning suffering; we chat to Deanne to find out how what goes on below ground can have a significant affect onour health and wellbeing;

I have to say before coming across Geo Harmony, I had never heard of Geomantic energy alignments before, but they sound so interesting can you describe what they are for our readers?

Sure, A geomantic energy alignment is all about creating the most supportive and enhancing space for you to live and work in energetically. It really is about creating a sanctuary for you to live and thrive in. It involves the neutralising and harmonising of above and below ground energy and incorporates both Eastern and Western practices of geomancy and geobiology to balance the energies in a person’s home or office so that their environment supports good health, their dreams and their ability to thrive.

Although we tend not to acknowledge our ability to be influenced by subtle energy, we can all remember a time when we have been to a place that just didn’t feel right, sat at a desk that we just couldn’t get any work done, or when we experienced a feeling of excitement, motivation perhaps or even enlightenment by simply spending time in a beautiful space. A geomantic energy alignment brings those subtle energies into balance, neutralising geopathic stress and increasing the light and supportive energy. If you have ever had issues with; sleep, feel better and are more productive or more motivated when away from the home, have areas of the house or workplace that you do not use, arguments and stress between members in the house, unsettled babies, have visible cracks in paving, walls, ant/bee or wasp problems or despite living a clean and healthy lifestyle are just lacking energy and good health, these are just a few indicators that you could benefit from a geopathic energy alignment. Many of us work on ourselves but forget how much our environment affects our ability to thrive.

You have mentioned Geopathic stress before, can you explain what it is and how it affects us?

As the Earth rotates due to its molten centre and size, it creates an electromagnetic field that all life on Earth had evolved to live with. In fact, you may have heard of it being referred to as the Schuman Resonance which is very similar frequency to that of our brainwaves. When we have disturbances underneath the surface of the earth such as geological faults, water courses, geomagnetic lines, and a great deal of man-made disturbances such as piping, earthworks and mining, the electromagnetic field that emanates from the Earth becomes distorted. Traditionally in every culture there was some way of diagnosing geopathic stress and avoiding it, from watching animal behaviour and plant growth to having dowsers. So how does this affect us? Well in a simple explanation, we are energetic beings, every organ in our body, our meridian system, chakras, even our emotions have their own frequency which work in harmony with the natural background field of the earth, not a distorted one. When we become exposed to geopathic stress for prolonged periods (or even short periods for the sensitive) it has the ability to supress our immune and endocrine systems, dramatically affects our energy levels, mental ability and is very well documented to be linked to cancer.

I find what you do so interesting, can you tell me a little about how you came to be in this field of work?

From a young age growing up on a rural property I just loved being outside,

I was a complete nature bug and had a very strong connection with the Earth. I remember following my dad around for hours while he dowsed for water and

being in complete awe at how the land could speak to him through his sticks. I would walk behind him with my y shaped twig asking the earth to tell me where good drinking water was and felt like I had this sacred connection with the land. It wasn’t however until my late twenties, after running organic store in London, that I could see such a strong connection between peoples health and where they were living, which led me to study environmental health or building biology which broadly covers anything in your built environment, from EMF to mould, air pollution and even geopathic stress.

What kind of response do you get from your clients after their home has been balanced?

The responses I get from my clients is why I love performing these alignments – I get many emotional calls from clients who can’t believe the change in their house with responses varying from being able to get a full night sleep for the first time in years, a reduction in bedwetting and teeth grinding, all members in the house getting along and with reduced stress, increases in productivity and motivation to a feeling of peace and security in their home. Many people notice dramatic differences in their energy levels and mindset and the vast majority comment that the house feels brighter and more inviting. I think what probably blows people away the most is when I show them where they are fragmenting negative energy throughout their home – an example of this might be a line from their office desk to the fridge or from in front of their mirror to the couch. When I pick up these lines and show them their repetitive behaviour they are often shocked! Of course I then go through and clear these lines but it illustrates to the client how powerful their emotions are.

So how do you balance the energies and what are the above ground energies?

Above ground energies are those that have been made by the occupants, these can be from someone passing away, or where heavy or repetitive emotions have been felt, I often find them where people sit when they are feeling depressed, or frustrated. Sometimes above ground energies are from previous occupants or even can be left from the traditional use and occupants of the land.

There are a number of ways that I balance the space and it really depends on the land itself. Most below ground energies are balanced using earth acupuncture, blessing and crystal work. All acupuncture cures and magnetic and ley line remedies are made on site and depend on the stress itself, for above ground energies I use a combination of ritual, smudging, sound and intention work. I then spend time with the occupants where I can align their energy and I show them how to keep the above ground energies clear and teach how to perform emotion manifesting or emotional overriding to keep the space clear and conducive to a healthy, abundant and harmonious life.

I saw that you were offering a free How stressed is you home test, how can people take this test?

As a building biologist I am aware that there are many things at play in a built environment from EMF to mould and air pollution. The free home stress test is designed to give an indication of whether Geopathic stress is the most likely to be at play and to what degree the house is stressed. People can contact me via my website on facebook or email [email protected]

Special Winter Offer

When we balance and lift the energies of our home we allow harmonising energy to flow into our lives enabling better physical and mental health and a more blessed journey.

Home Energy Alignment Winter special $499 Normally $649

  • Balancing of geopathic stresses (all below ground stresses)
  • Balancing of all above ground energies
  • Earth acupuncture and cures as required
  • 4 corner blessing
  • Space clearing of entire house
  • Cures and lines mapped on house plans
  • Energy alignment with specific intention for manifesting occupants health/abundance
  • 30 minute discussion on maintaining a harmonised home – “how to session” for lifting the vibration of the home and clearing above ground energies
  • Determining energetic spaces for 2 of the following – manifesting, hypnosis, meditation, creativity, health rejuvenation, clarity.
  • 4-5 hours
  • Emailed short report

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Massive love to Deanne Hislop for taking the time to share her passion with us.

Interview lovingly by our own Goodness Guru, Ella Liascos.

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