Perth’s Hottest New Yoga & Fitness Studio Openings This Year

Perth’s Hottest New Yoga & Fitness Studio Openings This Year


In Perth, there are a plethora of health and fitness options. From gyms to yoga studios, new openings can often get swept away in a sea of choice and golden gems might take you months to find! So if you still in search of your latest fitness obsession, here are 5 studios that have opened in 2018 that are worth checking out.

Heartbeat High, Perth CBD

Looking for an all natural Pilates high? Then check out this CBD offering! Located on Barrack Street, Heartbeat High’s aim is to make exercise a pleasure, not a chore. And with class offerings such as “Bump n’ Grind”, “Sweat in the City” and “TLC Roll + Release”, who wouldn’t want to join in?

Bike Bar, Claremont

Time to get your spin on! This purpose built studio offers 45-minute meditative cardio classes designed for those who want to have fun while getting sweaty. Offering premium amenities, fresh towels, mood lighting and free shoes, you are guaranteed not only an endorphin pumping workout but a great time whenever you spin at Bike Bar!

Open House Yoga, Maylands

Need a yoga class with a little more personality? Think about checking out Open House Yoga! Encouraging their teachers to think “outside the box”, you’ll always have a class that is based in breath, movement and awareness but with growth and self-exploration in mind.

Best Body Physio and Pilates, Hillarys

Need a Pilates program tailored to your injuries? Or a one-stop shop for physio, massage therapy, and Pilates? Best Body Physio and Pilates is here for you! Believing that everyone should lead a pain-free life, Best Body strives to create a place where you can truly create your own best body.

Station Street Fitness Studio, Cottesloe

This boutique fitness studio proves you don’t need a large space to get your sweat on. Offering both small group training and 1 on 1 sessions, Station Street attentive staff makes sure you are pushing yourself while keeping on top of your form and technique. Definitely, a studio to check out if you don’t want to be just another member.

Blog provided by Sarah-Beth Plishka, Personal Trainer and Blogger


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