Perth’s best Hemp dishes

Perth’s best Hemp dishes


Hemp foods hit the market with a bang after being legalised in November 2017. “This ancient superfood has been described for millennia as one of the richest foods for human nutrition” says Co-Founder of Hemple, Georgia Branch. Hemp seeds can be eaten as they are in raw form, or crushed into a nutrient rich protein powder for smoothie bowls, or oil for salads. Previously inaccessible, hemp provides one of the best sources of plant-based Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and a good quality plant based protein. On top of that, hemp crops are pest resistant, which makes it naturally organic. Hemp requires less water than other crops to grow, so it’s also one of the most sustainable forms of protein out there. Cafés all around Australia have embraced the new ingredient as a protein and nutrient booster in smoothies, bullet proof coffees, or a crunchy garnish on salads — here’s five of the best we’ve found:

Livlab Wholefoods Deli (See delicious photo above) 

The word Konjac sounds a little boozy for a neighbourhood wholefood deli——but it’s actually just a noodle made from the Chinese plant that goes by the Latin name; Amorphophallas konjac. Livlab Wholefoods Deli mix theirs into a colourful slaw, dressing it with hemp oil and garnishing with hemp hearts for a protein fuelled side salad to go with a fritter or pastry from the cabinet, or in a large bowl on its own for lunch.


Kona Joes Hemp Acai BowlKona Joes Health Shack

Superfood is in every corner and crevice at Kona Joes Health Shack. Specializing in acai and coco whip, they generously top smoothie bowls with fruit, goji berries and hemple hearts from Hemple to add some omega 3 & 6 to your day.  The “Hemp your heart out” acai bowl is a permanent fixture on the menu, blended with hemp protein for the base and topped with their house made hemp seed granola.


Manna Wholefoods Vegan Chocolate Cake with HempManna Wholefoods

Fremantle’s one and only wholefood institution has been kicking along since the 90’s. Back then I wore bucket hats, floral onesies, and had to be lifted to reach the leaver of the peanut butter grinder. A lot has stayed the same at Manna since then—including said peanut butter grinder——but these days there’s a few more superfoods like hemp lying around. Since hemp foods were legislated, Manna’s lunch bar serves a moist vegan zucchini cake topped off with protein rich hemp seeds, which they also sprinkle throughout their salads.


The Raw Kitchen Hemp SmoothieThe Raw Kitchen

An already upstanding smoothie menu at The Raw Kitchen has reached new heights. Famous for their creamy combinations like the Lavender and Blueberry ‘Blue Moon’ smoothie, they’ve now added ‘The Hemp Temple’ to the list. A combination that’s just right for the morning, it comes with a shot of coffee to awaken the spirits, protein rich hemp seeds to help the caffeine kick last for longer, thrown in with dates, maca, frozen bananas for the signature creamy texture almond milk.


Organic Circle Hemp Smoothie Bowl

Organic Circle

Spiking their smoothie bowls with a wholesome splash of hemp oil, Armadale’s Organic Circle blend theirs into a beautiful pastel green colour and top it with hemp seeds and fresh berries for some added fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids.


To learn more about the superfood on the tip of everyone’s tongue and how to incorporate it into your diet today, check out Hemple.


Hemple, alongside the Raw Kitchen and Organic Circle is holding “How Cannabis Works” a talk and dining experience on 2 and 3 December. Hemple Co-Founder Cade Turland will demystify hemp and share how this super plant can support immunity, manage pain, stress, anxiety and more. For info and tickets visit Hemple.

Ella Liascos


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