Perth’s Best Acai Bowls

Perth’s Best Acai Bowls


In the last year Perth has definitely lifted its game on the Açai side of things. It went from being something people couldn’t even pronounce to something that everyone is raving about and we have searched all over Perth for some of the best spots to get our Açai fix. What makes an amazing açai bowl for us is a smooth and thick base that’s not too sweet, and then the main decider is the toppings. Toppings should consist of some sort of granola or muesli that is preferably gluten-free and crunchy. Nuts and seeds are also a must. Some fresh, seasonal fruit is also the perfect accompaniment to a delicious açai bowl. We love being able to choose our own toppings but if a place has mastered their signature bowl with amazing toppings then we will keep coming back for more.

In no particular order here are our top picks:

The Acai Corner

The Acai Corner are a healthy food truck based on South Perth foreshore, just by Mends Street Jetty. They specialise in healthy natural açaí bowls with premium açaí, seasonal fruits and homemade granola. However, also dish up super healthy and delicious smoothies, raw cold-pressed juices, coffee (traditional & cold brew) and healthy treats.

My Health Market

This hidden gem actually has a cute little café in-built where they have a “build your own” smoothie bowl menu. With your açai base you can choose what fruit you would like, and then top your bowl with a range of different ingredients depending on what you feel like. They are mostly non-fruit options, which is great because there is already fruit in the açai part so paleo granola, coconut and varieties of seeds are just what you need. Plus they use certified organic ingredients.

Health Freak Café

All of their stores across Perth serve Açai bowls, or jars to be more specific. The perfect Açai base is topped with fresh strawberries and banana and a gluten-free granola with nuts. This is always a winner!

Pixel Coffee Brewers

Out of all the places in Perth, Pixel definitely has to take the prize for the prettiest açai bowl. Each bowl is constructed like a piece of art and the taste is definitely just as on point.


Hylin is a stand out because their base is a little sweeter and not as generic as some other açai bowls (even though generic is still delicious). They generously top them with fresh fruit and an out-of-this-world gluten-free granola. They are a must-try!

Ohana Acai Bar

Located in Freo, you know Ohana is going to be amazing when they’ve dedicated a whole bar to making Açai. With a huge range of toppings, you can create anything your heart desires and we only wish there were more located around Perth!

Nature’s Harvest

Their açai base made with mango, blueberries and banana is delicious topped with your choice of muesli and lots of other different toppings to choose from. Each time you go you can try something new!

Acai Brothers

Now located in a few different suburbs across Perth, including City Beach, Fremantle and Leederville. They dish up some of the best Acai, they are known for their experimentation with different flavours and interesting toppings so go in with an open mind and try something new!

Image: Acai Brothers


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