Life Changing Nourish Bowls

Life Changing Nourish Bowls


The aptly named Nourish Bowl does exactly that; it nourishes you from the grains up. Add protein like salmon or tofu, leafy greens, a fermented element like kimchi or sauerkraut, nuts and seeds and an amazing healthy dressing and you’ve yourself a nutritious and delicious feed. There’s so many amazing bowls going around Perth at the moment, that’ will not only inspire you to make your own creative combinations at home, but will have you coming back for more. Here are 8 you must try;


Paleo Bowl

Manna Wholefoods

While they’re technically labelled a ‘lunchbox,’ Manna’s wholefood bowls of goodness had to make the list. Their paleo bowl comes with more protein than you could poke a stick at, with boiled free range eggs, Norwegian smoked salmon, organic chicken breast and homemade sauerkraut, sweet potato and slaw on a bed of greens — this bowl provides enough fuel to keep you going for days.



Traditional Poke Bowl


You just can’t go wrong with whatever you pick, at this appropriately titled bowl specialist in the heart of Perth — but there Traditional Poke Bowl deserves a particularly special mention. With Cubed salmon, sushi rice, edamame, kelp noodles, ginger and furikake, topped with nori crackers, fried shallots, spring onions, coriander and a classic style dressing, you’ll be coming back for more or getting it delivered at home through UberEats.



Hot Salad Bowls

Urban Bowl

Serving up fast food the healthy way on St Georges Terrace, nourish bowls are a way of life for these guys. Their Vietnamese inspired salad bowls are particularly amazing and you can choose your toppings and whether you’d like it hot or cold. The hot salad bowl is the way to go; all bowls come with a poached egg and spring roll on top and you can choose between meat, seafood or tofu and vegetables. Your first visit to The Urban Bowl will not be your last.



Tempeh Rainbow Salad

Nature’s Harvest

If there’s one thing to note about Nature’s Harvest, it’s that whatever you order, you simply can’t go wrong. Their Tempeh Rainbow Salad with lupin & thai red rice tempeh, coconut aminos, ginger and snowpea shoots is particularly noteworthy, and you can add your own toppings like tamari almonds, walnut croutons or spiced pepitas and the dressing of your choice — it’s the next best thing to making your perfect nourish bowl at home.



Balance Bowl & Salmon Sushi Bowl


Eating a balanced diet has never been so easy thanks to places like NOOD that are emerging all over Perth, to cater to all dietary needs whether you’re paleo, vegan or gluten free. Their Balance Bowl of dukkha rolled eggs, kale, smashed avocado and roast tomato is a must-try for breakfast, and for good measure; we had to mention their salmon sushi bowl with

organic brown rice, salad, seaweed, smashed avocado, sesame and tamari ginger dressing — it’s that good.



Daily Salad Bowls

The Juicy Beetroot

This discreet little gem is a well-known secret amongst locals and serves up an extensive range of incredible salads filled with nuts, grains, fresh veg, herbs and spices made fresh each day. The Juicy Beetroot know a thing or two about making a hearty salad that’s full of flavour and ingredients that’ll keep you feeling satisfied long after lunchtime. They come in a small or large bowl to dine in or takeaway, but you’ll want to get in early as they tend to run out quick.



Probiotic Bowl

May St Larder

There really is a god, because not you can order May St Larder’s phenomenal Probiotic Bowl to your doorstep with UberEats. With brown rice, pumpkin, kimchi, house sauerkraut, shaved veggies and tofu — there is a balance of all your grains, veggies, proteins and fermented food to keep you healthy whether you’re at home or out and about.



Buddha Bowl

Someday Coffee Co

This place is an absolute must visit — all their food is phenomenal, but their Buddha Bowl (pictured) takes the cake. With house made sweet potato falafel, red quinoa, carrot & zuchinni ribbons, fanned avocado, kale, fried egg, dill, house turmeric sauerkraut, house pickled onions, cherry tomatoes, fried egg, dukkka — it also comes gluten and dairy free and is full of goodness.


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