The Best Gluten Free Desserts in Perth

The Best Gluten Free Desserts in Perth


Avoiding gluten doesn’t necessarily mean succumbing to a life without dessert, in fact, flourless desserts are growing popular because it leaves room for more nutritious alternatives; like nuts, seeds, cacao, or coconut flour. Whether you’re celiac or just looking for guilt-free indulgence, nowadays there are so many places in Perth that are conscious of providing options for all walks of life, whether you’re vegan, paleo or gluten-free.

The best thing to come out of the 21st century has surely got to be the emergence of healthy desserts that are just as good (if not better) than the sugary, gluten, and dairy filled treats we were once used to. Here are the best gluten free desserts in Perth, that you can enjoy without a sliver of regret;

Peanut Butter Bar

Exhale Espresso

Offering Pilates classes next door and a beautiful spot to post up after your session, Exhale Espresso does a raw and gluten free peanut butter bar that is even more delicious when paired with their five senses espresso beans.



Caramel Snickers and Choc Mint Cocowhip Sundae’s

Nature’s Harvest

If you’ve not yet tried the phenomenon that is Cocowhip, then Nature’s Harvest is the perfect place to make it happen. Made entirely out of hydrating coconut water and bio fermented probiotics for gut and intestinal health, their amazing sundae’s look just like the dairy and sugar filled one’s you’re used to, just without any of the consequences.


Gluten Free Brownies

Ootong and Lincoln

We don’t mind if there’s no flour in their brownies because it means one thing and one thing only — more chocolate. With big chunks of macadamia and chocolate, we can’t guarantee the brownies at Ootong & Lincoln are healthy but we can vouch for the fact they’re gluten free.


Vegan Turmeric Latte Cupcakes

Flora and Fauna

If drinking turmeric lattes wasn’t enough, you can now enjoy it in a cupcake that’s baked to perfection by the team at Flora and Fauna. Purveyors of making food as decorative as it can possibly be, they top off their vegan cupcakes with a generous crown of turmeric ganache, a fresh blackberry and daisy for good measure.

Choc Mousse Cup with Walnut Crumble

The Raw Kitchen

For the celiacs among us, The Raw Kitchen is your safe haven because nearly everything that comes out of their kitchen is gluten free, including their desserts. Their famous raw chocolate mousse cups are so good it’s hard to believe they’re sugar free.


Mango & Pistachio Kulfi

Duck Duck Bruce

What is kulfi? You may be asking. For those that don’t know, Kulfi is an Indian frozen dessert similar to ice cream but a lot richer. While we can’t say it’s dairy free, we can vouch that it’s 100% gluten free and the guys at Duck Duck Bruce do a pretty amazing mango, pistachio and cardamom one, that’s worth making a special trip for.

Raw Chocolate Donuts

Health Freak Café

For those days where you feel you’re falling off the healthy bandwagon in a big way, Health Freak Café is always here to save you with their range of dessert alternatives that are healthy for you. Their raw chocolate donut is just as good, if not better than the real-deal and it’s also dairy and gluten free, so now you can indulge the healthy way.

Photo credit: @floraandforna


Lovingly provided by Ella Liascos


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