Workouts The Lads are Loving

Workouts The Lads are Loving


The world has well and truly outgrown and outsmarted the days of mindless lifting and running on treadmills and the way we work out has become such an individually tailored pursuit. Whether you’re into yoga to work on your mind and body, F45 for the community and intelligent and effective training strategies, a passionate runner or a budding gymnast — working out has become more than a means to an end for most of us, it’s a way of life. Here’s six amazing workouts the lads (and ladies) are loving at the moment;


Bolt Health and Fitness

With a team of experienced coaches to develop a tailored program to suit your body and lifestyle and a range of amazing classes that incorporate boxing, a combination of strength, HIIT, Olympic lifting, plyometrics and more — Bolt Health and Fitness has attracted a tight community of guys and girls that return again-and-again because of the results they’re seeing at this comprehensive and holistic training facility. You’ll find more info on their services and class timetable here.



Taking the fitness industry by storm, F45 has skyrocketed in popularity with men and women alike, because of their innovative and community based approach to working out. All starting in 2012, the founders of F45 set out to create a group training facility incorporating the most dynamic and effective training styles to date, finding the best type of workouts and varying them every day. What resulted has been an incredibly popular and effective workout method that you’ll find all over Perth, in fact, nowadays there’s nearly a studio in every suburb and you’ll find your nearest studio here.



Earning a worldwide following for their commitment to quality coaching, programming and community — Crossfit is another example of how workouts that involve community are growing ever popular. Suitable for people of all ages, fitness levels and even people with injuries, their group classes will help you increase overall fitness and their individual coaching is great for those with specific goals in mind. Even specialising in preparing people for the military, the sky is the limit at this world class training facility — you’ll find more info and their timetable here.


Perth Run Collective

Lads and ladies everywhere are getting around this social running club hosted by Lululemon. Starting every Tuesday and Thursday from 5.45pm from their Perth City and Claremont Stores and an 8am Sunday run from Clarko Reserve, the Perth Run Collective will help those chasing their goals or just running for fun. You’ll get to know some of the best urban and suburban trails in Perth and swap training and wellbeing tips with likeminded friends and fitness experts — what more could you want really?



Everyone’s favourite Yoga Studio in Cottesloe, Yogaworx has developed a thriving and devoted community of guys and girls over the years and they’ve very recently branched out to a new city location in the Treasury Building. Mal’s 6am wakeup call and power flow isparticularly popular with the lads for its strong and challenging structure paired with meditation and breathing practices.


Movement Co

Perth’s first mixed movement facility incorporated everything from strength, calisthenics, parkour, climbfit, strength training, flexibility and more. Their abundance of classes attracts and community of all kinds of people working towards their individual goals that are able to choose classes tailored to their personal development. With a well-rounded mix of intelligent movement that work on strength, flexibility, agility, balance and control — this is the place to be for people that just love to move.


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