Hottest Workouts This Winter

Hottest Workouts This Winter


It’s that time of year where the weather’s cooling off, the sun rises later and the odd rainy morning becomes perfect excuse to lay in bed a little longer instead of getting up for a workout. But as they say; summer bodies are made in winter, and changing up your routine to suit the weather is a great solution to stay motivated in the cooler months. We’ve put together a little inventory of our favourite indoor workouts that you can do in rain, hail or shine;

LA Fit

Ride / MegaRide

Tucked away in Highgate and Subiaco, LA Fit is the ultimate indoor workout for those rainy mornings that leave you uninspired to take your fitness routine outdoors. We’re particularly loving the Ride Classes, which have achieved cult-like status in the US for using music to motivate their sessions. In a nutshell, Ride is basically a quick 45-minute dance party on your bike, but if you’re after some weight training too, we recommend the 50-minute MegaRide class, combining 25 minutes of planks, pikes and power on the Megaformer with a 25-minute cycle to follow that’ll singlehandedly keep you lean all through the winter.


Yoga Tree Perth

Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates

For those of us that are yet to try Hot Yoga or Core + Hot Pilates, winter is the perfect time to check out a class at The Yoga Tree in Vic Park or Joondalup. Suitable for all fitness levels, their Hot Pilates Classes incorporate high-intensity interval training and are set to high-energy music in a thermo-controlled room of 30-34 degrees and 40% humidity, to detox the body and burn calories while you work. If you’re after a more holistic workout or something to increase flexibility and strength, then Hot Yoga classes are the perfect alternative, with 26 postures that stretch and strengthen the body and stimulate the organs, glands and nerves.


F45 Osborne Park


If you’re yet to get on to the F45 bandwagon, winter is a good time to find out what all the fuss is about. The team-based, functional training facility is great for those that like variety, as no program is ever repeated, making for a unique workout every time. Our favourite class on the timetable at the moment is their Hollywood class; a 45-minute high-intensity interval circuit around 27 stations, that’ll have your core working, your heart pumping and your willpower tested.



Aerial Fusion

Combining yoga, Pilates and strength training, the Aerial Fusion class at Rafters in Perth are a must try this winter and it may just stick long enough to become part of your weekly routine. Gone are the days of the boring and repetitive workout since the dawn of Aerial workouts, as they’re suited to all ages and abilities and make for the perfect comprehensive, all-body workout that’ll keep you fit and healthy all through the winter.


Xtend Barre

Xtend Barre Class

Taking cues from Pilates, ballet and dance to create a dynamic and safe workout that’s suitable for everyone, Xtend Barre is one of the most innovative full-body workouts going ‘round right now. In one hour of Xtend Barre in Osborne Park, you’ll have increased your heartrate, had your daily sweat, burned some calories and increased your strength, endurance, flexibility and cardio in the process.


Happy Physio

Reformer Class

Offering clinical reformer Pilates classes at their practice in Mt Lawley, Happy Physio provide one-on-one sessions, delivered by a qualified physiotherapist. Each session is individually tailored to suit your needs, whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking to tone up certain areas of the body or improve your posture — reformer Pilates remains to be one of the healthiest, safest and comprehensive workouts on the market.


Lovingly provided by Ella Liascos


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