Why This Claremont Studio is the Most Zen Space in Perth

Why This Claremont Studio is the Most Zen Space in Perth


The Perfect Balanze….

Finding your bliss is simple at this chic new Claremont Yoga and Pilates studio. Here’s 12 reasons why Balanze is about to become your new local.

1. It’s a posse of positive people

Balanze is a boutique wellbeing studio; it transcends into a fun and inspiring social network for its members. Stay for a cup of tea and a chat post-workout. The inclusive ethos at Balanze sees you come for a class but stay for the overwhelming sense of connectivity – it’s truly a place where Yoga, Pilates and friends meet.

2. Expect to sweat and burn, but come out smiling!

There are fluffy sweat towels in the Pilates reformer “Bend” space for a reason. The instructors ensure you work the target muscle groups, which are usually the teeny tiny muscles that buuurn. Sweet tunes and instructors will motivate you to complete 8 extra pulses to push your muscles to fatigue. You’ll be given individualised attention so you’re encouraged to challenge yourself exactly when you need it. The result is an invigorating class that targets areas you never knew you had.

3. They’ve created an inclusive community

Balanze believe that yoga and Pilates are for every body. You don’t need to be young, fit, skinny, incredibly flexible, nor in perfect shape to practice here, just willing to immerse yourself in the experience. It has the friendly vibe of a small studio and the variety of classes of a large studio, so there’s always something for everyone.

4. The fitout is next level amazing

This blissful, minimalist oasis is a place that embodies serenity and radiates calm. Balanze is an inspiring retreat from the constraints of daily life, and it is easy to see how this studio has BECOME a way of life for its devoted clientele. The light, airy studio with its sleek concrete walls is accessed through steel and glass doors, straight onto their “Connect” space, where a long table and comfortable benches invite you to take a load off. Having opened in April, it has the top of the line Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers and the most minty fresh aura in town.

5. The instructors are Perth’s finest

Balanze is led by their super passionate founder, MJ, who left a successful corporate career to pursue a life with more purpose. She has created a family of six of her favourite Perth instructors who are all fully qualified. The uber-experienced team means you get more out of your workout, because they know when you can dig a little deeper and when to adjust your form for maximum benefit (and no injuries!) They practice what they preach, so expect to see their instructors challenging themselves in a class next to you and sharing in that cup of tea after class.

6. Beginners can expect a good grounding and a challenge…

Technique Reformer is the entry level Pilates reformer class for beginners, and Balanze’s experienced instructors love to impart the correct technique so that each client can build a solid foundation to progress their practice to the next phase. This class is a favourite of clients of all experience levels, and devotees continue to come to this classic class because it yields results. Keep an eye out for some complimentary beginner classes in the coming weeks!

7. Everyone will find their flow with yoga

Balanze’s Yoga Beats is designed to breathe new life into your yoga practice. Their creative flows will build a strong foundation and support you to find your float into arm balances. Newbies to experienced practitioners are welcome, and their classes are themed to empower you to live yoga beyond the mat. You never know, you may surprise yourself! Balanze’s Yin Yoga classes are gentle but challenging and are a great yoga newbies, as well as those with a regular yoga practice.

8. You can challenge yourself by mixing it up

Get your blood moving with Boxilates and Pilates Beats. These music-driven classes fuse energy and functional exercises. We love Balanze’s Pilates Beats class for the ultimate butt, arms and core workout to tone to perfection, while Boxilates is a super fun way to sculpt your arms and work your core. If you get a bit hot and bothered, don’t sweat it. Balanze has some slick change rooms with complimentary towels and toilets so you can regroup in style before jetting off. And, while you’re there, Instagram the gorgeous stools from Raw Edge Furniture.

9. It’s mentally rejuvenating

Stuck in mental rut? Balanze offers a community and hub you go to when you’re in need of a boost. Its focus on stress management, relaxation and cultivating healthy mental space is promoted through the ancient practices of yoga, breathing and meditation. They offer delicious Yin Yoga (where you hold yoga poses for 2-5 minutes) twice a week to allow you to relax and unwind from your cardio activities or daily stresses. Beyond that, Balanze’s overall philosophy towards fitness and wellness is supportive, balanced, comprehensive and synergistic – so they will have you feeling good inside and out, while you relax and unwind. Connect with your breath.

10. Sunday Funday

A rare find, the studio is open on Sundays for those who like to round out the weekend with a workout.

11. The experience is transformative

More than a regular fitness studio, Balanze aims to give something more to their clients. It is an experience that encourages and educates on how to live a life with elegance, health and confidence through nourishing your mind and body regularly. That’s why their client list become regulars, who then become friends.

12. They’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse

Use the special GGC promo code “Goodness” when booking to receive $10 off their Intro Offer until 31st May. Regular Introductory Price: 4 classes $59.

Lower Level, 322 Stirling Highway, Claremont

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