What are Gel Blasters Used For?

Guns are popular toys. It is not just small kids who love them, but people of all ages. People would love to play games with guns to shoot each other safely. A gel blaster is a toy gun that looks realistic. The gun is known for its real-life appearance, which is why it is popular.

Gel blasters are popular toys that are used to play paintball-type games. These guns are great to play with and good fun. However, care needs to be exercised while using to prevent accidents.

What are gel blasters?

Gel blasters are toy guns that are similar to the guns used for paintball. The striking feature of these guns is their realistic appearance. They are so named because they use bullets made of gel. The gel blaster gun is loaded with a gel bullet that has been soaked in water. The guns are used for games just like in paintball where teams try to shoot each other to win.

Gel blasters are also known as gel shooters, water bead blasters, and hydro markers. They are designed in such a way that they resemble air guns. The gel bullets used are usually between 0.24 inch (6 mm) and 0.31 inch (8 mm) in diameter. They are made from a polymer material that is absorbent in nature and holds water. They are safe since they are shot with a lesser velocity and also due to the material used.

How gel blasters are used?

If you have played paintball, then you would have got an idea how gel blasters are used. Gel blasters are used to play skirmish games. Teams are formed with each team having members with a gel blaster each. Protective wear is recommended, especially for the eyes. The aim of the game is to shoot each other out of the game, until one winner remains.

The gel blaster is designed just like an air gun. It has an air pump that is spring loaded and a compartment to add the gels. The gels need to be soaked in water for some time before using. When the trigger is pressed, the gel bullets are shot out of the gun. This is similar to an air gun, but a key difference is that the muzzle velocity is less.

This makes the gun safer since the gel bullet does not hit with a strong impact. It ensures there is no damage to property or harm to any person. The bullet leaves a mark and disintegrates.