Tips to Consider On How High Should a Standing Desk Be

In recent years, more and more people have been turning to standing computer desk in order to improve their health and productivity. But not all standing desks are the same: some are better than others. So how should you choose the right height for your desk, if you’re interested in getting one?

The right height for a standing desk

First of all, you’ll need to decide how high your desk should be. If you’re planning to use your standing desk as a part-time workstation while sitting at your normal workstation, you’ll probably want the height of your standing desk to match the height of an average seated desk. But if you use your standing desk as an extension of working from home or wherever, then you’ll probably want a considerably higher working height. If you work from a normal desk and then stand for half the day, getting a standing desk with the same working height as your normal desk will make switching back and forth from sitting to standing more comfortable.

The right height

The best height for a standing desk is the one that’s comfortable for you. This means you should take into account your own physical flexibility. If you really struggle to get comfortable when standing, then you should probably opt for a higher standing desk. But if you’re not too bothered about getting up and down from your desk all day, then you may be able to save some money by going for an average-height standing desk.

Average desk height

The average desk has a working height of approximately 29 inches. However, if you use a laptop or sit on an ergonomic office chair with a raised seat, then you may be able to sit closer to your 27-inch-high standing desk. Typically, the working height of a standing desk is around 24 inches.