The Only Guide You Need to Melbourne’s Best Paleo Cafe’s

The Only Guide You Need to Melbourne’s Best Paleo Cafe’s


The Paleo diet has been on the scene for some time and doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon… so what exactly is ‘Paleo”?

Paleo, also known as Primal, Caveman, and Stone Age diet uses the method of our old ‘hunter-gatherer ancestral lifestyle’. There has been loads of research which is proving this diet is great for many people, however, Paleo is more of a lifestyle than just a diet.

As most of us work behind a desk and live quite dormant lifestyles, with increased stress, high consumption of processed and packaged fast foods, it has led many people down the path of chronic health conditions. Hence why the Paleo diet has taken off, it follows our ancestor’s principals of eating whole, unprocessed, in their ‘as natural as possible’ state, reducing stress, quality sleep, and daily movement, in order to work towards feeling their best.

We decided to look into Melbourne’s Paleo food scene and share our findings so you can check them out and increase your whole foods, without having to ‘hunt or gather’ yourself 😉

Patch Café, Richmond

Patch has the most delicious selection of Paleo-inspired and completely gluten-free menu with the exception of their fresh Sourdough. Nestled into the streets of Richmond in a revamped warehouse this healthy cafe is numero uno on our favourite Paleo café list! If you are a fan of the popular MCT Coffee make sure to add it to your order of ‘Living on the Veg’ (breakfast patties of shredded broccoli. Zucchini, carrots, beetroot, pine nuts & quinoa, finished with ‘avodaise’, spiced pumpkin mask and choice of goat’s cheese or cashew cheese – YUM!)

Sardi, Hawthorn

Located on High street between Hawthorn and Richmond this little café has been a fav on the brunch scene for a long time, with a delicious range of healthy, vegan and gluten-free options using seasonal produce, you won’t find a dish you don’t like. We suggest grabbing a window seat and ordering the Bombay Eggs or Spiced Baked Beans.

Store Fifteen, Mornington Peninsula

What could be more amazing than the blissful beaches on the Mornington Peninsula… the best HEALTHY PALEO CAFÉ on the blissful beaches on the Mornington Peninsula. Store Fifteen has a menu full of high-quality ingredients with everything made fresh daily and strictly NO additives, preservatives and unnecessary fillers – WINNER WINNER! Choose from Cold Pressed Juices and almond mylk made in-house daily, along with a huge selection of raw whole foods.

The Staple Store, Ripponlea

The Staple Store is all about creating things good for your health AND the earth!

Bring your own jars or purchase them there and stock that pantry full of Paleo friendly wholefoods. Full of incredible hand-made local ceramics to fill your house, local brands homewares and products you can’t go wrong with anything in the store. It’s a combo of whole foods, in their natural state AND all the local eco-friendly things your heart desires.

Seedling Café, Melbourne CBD

If you are working, or even visiting Melbourne CBD, don’t worry we have you covered! Tucked away on Flinders Lane, this hole in the wall will get your attention when you see the array of raw treats and other deliciously healthy temptations. Stay for their homemade Paleo Granola (made with quinoa, cashew meal, almond mylk, granola, banana, rice malt syrup, cinnamon and berry compote mmm we are salivating just thinking about it!). To be honest, you’re safe picking anything as their menu is 100% gluten-free, nutrient-dense, refined-sugar free, Paleo-inspired and clean food – we couldn’t be happier with this hidden gem.

This article was lovingly written by Jasmine Fitzgibbon of The Wholesome Heart. Jasmine is a Women’s Health & Nutrition Coach and takes a holistic approach to her client’s health from nutrition, environment, happiness, movement and everything in between. She highly recommends these studios for their approach to creating a healthy body mind and spirit. Check out Jasmine over at The Wholesome Heart for your daily health inspo!


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