Melbourne’s Best and Most Beautiful Yoga Studios

Melbourne’s Best and Most Beautiful Yoga Studios


Ready to up the ante on your yoga practice? Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s best yoga studios, but with so many options on hand it can be hard to choose where to head to first. To help you narrow it down, we’ve put together a list of our eight favourite studios – each with their own unique twist!

Happy Melon


Following the mantra ‘get the mind right, the body will follow’, Happy Melon promotes a powerful combination of mental and physical practices. The first of it’s kind, this state-of-the-art studio blends mindfulness with movement and offers group yoga, meditation, reformer pilates and fitness classes alongside physiotherapy, clinical pilates, massage and naturopathy treatments.

Yoga 213

Richmond, Geelong

For something a little more left of centre, find your groove at Yoga 213. Straight from Los Angeles, this innovative modern studio matches Yin and Vinyasa styles with soft beats to make you move and features some of your favourite music from Bon Iver to Biggie!

Barre Body

Various studios

For a full body workout featuring a fusion of yoga, pilates and ballet barre conditioning, Barre Body classes pay special attention to those lesser used muscle groups will have you looking fit and lean in no time.

One Hot Yoga

South Yarra

As the world’s first core body temperature hot yoga studio, One Hot Yoga teaches the ancient art of yoga in a stunning contemporary space. With studios set at 37 and 27 degrees Celsius and options for experts and beginners alike, One Hot Yoga is the perfect place to ease into the hot yoga experience.

Warrior One


A self-proclaimed community of mindful warriors, Warrior One offers a personalised yoga experience that is custom-tailored to support you to strengthen, deepen and evolve your practice through mindful movement.

Humming Puppy


The amazing benefits of sound therapy is something we’re only just starting to understand, and it can actually even add to your overall yoga experienced. At Humming Puppy, the studio quite literally hums with good vibes and features sound adjusted to just the right frequency to provide grounding during practice and help achieve states of peak performance. Amazing!

Kaya Health Clubs

Melbourne CBD, Prahran

In Buddhism, Kaya refers to the physical body and mental wellbeing. In Japanese, Kaya is translated as place of rest and relaxation. Put these both together and you have Kaya Health Clubs, Melbourne’s home of health and wellness. Known best for their atmospheric experience, Kaya offers a range of yoga, pilates and barre classes suitable for any aspiring yogi.

Australian Yoga Academy


Teaching the art of yoga since 2000, the Australian Yoga Academy (AYA) is home to some of Australia’s most renowned instructors. With a variety of classes and teacher training workshops, the AYA offers an unrivalled yoga experience to seasoned yogis as well as those looking to attend their very first class.

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Image: @yoga213


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