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Living Synergy

Living Synergy

Jen Keenan is the founder and Director of Living Synergy.  She first started meditating 25 years ago when she had Chronic Fatigue.  That was the beginning of her healing journey which continues to take her deeper everyday, and show her the wonder of our in-built natural self-healing ability on all levels.

Through having to find a way to get well when the medical doctors had no answers, Jen explored and tried all sorts of things.  In the end, what she discovered was to support this natural healing process and say yes, and surrender to the unique journey it offered her.  She began to listen to her body and allow it to guide her.  She learnt it was more about what she wasn’t doing than what she was doing that supported her health and well-being … which is the common denominator in all the conflicting health & well-being info out there. Taking the burden off her system in all ways allowed nature to put things in order in it’s own time.  This included diet, lifestyle, water & juice fasting, yoga, massage, gentle exercise, being in nature (and particularly at the beach) and meditation.  Through all this Jen has a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural healing process and is able to walk alongside people to guide and support them as they take their own unique journey too.  She found meditation to be an underlying foundation that supports this process and allows nature to lead the way.

She now has a passion for helping people develop their own regular meditation practice and understand why it has the power to change the quality of their day to day life.  So they too can experience the many benefits, which can be different for everyone.  She runs Meditation & Mindfulness courses, classes, retreats, coaching sessions and corporate programs in Perth & regional WA.

To learn more about her Meditation & Mindfulness offerings visit www.meditatewithjen.com.au.

She also manufactures Australia’s Premium Nut Milk Bags. They are super fine, strong, durable, practical, large, well designed and very easy to clean and dry. They are an essential addition to any whole-food kitchen. A handy multi-purpose kitchen tool with endless uses.  Commercial size are also available.

Visit her website at www.nutmilkbags.com.au to learn more and find your local stockist.

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