How Scootering Keeps Kids Fit and Healthy

Are you thinking about getting your child a scooter but you’re not sure of whether it’s the best option? Well, let us help you make your decision by walking you through five ways a scooter can benefit your child through their health and well-being. Unlike many other toys, scooters require physical exercise to ride, which comes with a host of benefits on its own. But there are many more reasons to buy a scooter than just the act of scootering. Keep reading to learn more!    

1. Improving physical and mental health

Riding a scooter requires your kid to push the scooter along with their weight on the deck. Not only does this strengthen their leg muscles, but also their core and arm muscles. The best thing about scooters is that they promote physical fitness without feeling like exercise – it’s working out made fun! It’s recommended that kids carry out 60 minutes of exercise a day, and scootering is a good way to sneak this in.    Kids will ride their scooters outside, getting them into the fresh air outdoors which can work wonders for mental health. Rather than being cooped up inside all day, your kid will be able to benefit from the mental benefits that come from simply being outside. Plus, the endorphins from the exercise should put them in a super good mood! 

2. Increasing socialisation

Kids like to ride their scooters at the skatepark, where they might meet new kids to play with. They can quickly become friends and keep in touch to meet up again for another scootering session in the future. This is an instant connection that your kid wouldn’t have got from being at home. This can improve their social skills and self-confidence, which in turn can improve mental health. One of the best ways to support your kids in meeting new people and improving their sociability is to get them a scooter and encourage them to get down to the skate park. 

3. Developing core strength and motor skills 

There’s no way around it – riding a scooter takes a lot of balance and core strength. However, thanks to the handlebars that make balancing easier, kids can use scooters to improve their balance without being discouraged when they fall off, which could lead them to give up learning. Riding a scooter won’t work the core enough to make it ache, but it certainly will help your child to improve their stability which will benefit them in a number of ways in the future.    Riding a scooter is also a wonderful way to develop motor skills, developing and strengthening the muscles to help them in later life. Other types of gross motor skills include jumping, running, and skipping.  

4. Boosting confidence

Children who excel at riding scooters can boost their confidence by showing off to their friends and family. When your kid learns how to ride a scooter in a straight line for the first time, is able to kick off more than once in a single stretch, or can get both feet on the deck, make sure you give them a massive round of applause so they know they’re doing a good job!    Another way to help your kid boost their confidence is to encourage them and help them learn new tricks. There are plenty of tricks suitable for children, including bunny hops, tail whips, and wheelies. Not only can helping your child learn new tricks improve their confidence, but it can also be an excellent bonding opportunity for you both. 

5. Testing heart endurance

The heart is a muscle, just like the rest of our bodies, which grows stronger the more you use it. Riding a scooter keeps the heart pumping faster, getting more blood around your child’s body to improve their overall heart health. You’re never too young to start working on your heart’s endurance, and riding a scooter can do this without your kid even realising they’re doing it!    You never know, if your kid wants to get into sports in the future, testing their heart endurance can help them excel in the long run. Who would’ve known it was all from riding a scooter in their childhood?! 

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why riding a scooter keeps your child fit and healthy. Not only is it a great exercise option to improve physical health and heart endurance, but it can also greatly improve their mental health and self-confidence. Plus, it’s a super fun way to make new friends! The benefits of scooters are almost endless.