Lemon Meringue Bliss Balls

Lemon Meringue Bliss Balls


Our Goodness Blogger Jasmine is lucky enough to have an influx of home grown citrus this time of year! So, she decided what a perfect time to make something using the fruits in season.

These lemon meringue bliss balls are so damn easy. Throw all the ingredients into a food processor, roll into balls and BOOM done. Great to have in the fridge, when you need something sweet and even better for kids, because they are full of nourishing ingredients AND Vitamin C – goodbye colds & flus.

The ingredients are so minimal and they have such a light flavour – perfect for after dinner or when you need something to stop the sugar cravings.

Jasmine used minimal sweetener, which is always a winner. Yay Refined Sugar Free and Date Free!!

Throw them into the freezer and they’ll keep for 3 months! BOOM SNACKS SORTED.


(Use organic where possible*)

1.5 cups (pre-soaked for 6 hours) Cashews/Macadamias – I used both you can use either or both

1 cup desiccated Coconut

2 tablespoons of Rice Malt Syrup

1 table spoon Vanilla Bean Paste or 1 Vanilla Bean Pods

½ of a Lemon juiced (fresh)

1 Lemon zest (ensure wax is thoroughly removed)


Soak cashews and macadamias for 6 hours. Rinse.

Add all ingredients to food processor. Mix gently (on low) until mixture has combined.

Separate into balls (approx. 1 tbsp.) Roll into extra desiccated coconut.

Place in fridge for fridge for 2 hours and enjoy.

They can be kept in air tight container in the fridge for a week or longer in freezer!

 Recipe lovingly provided by Jasmine, from The Wholesome Heart


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