Journey of the Temple Priestess. Level 1. Nov 16 Women’s workshop Sydney

Journey of the Temple Priestess. Level 1. Nov 16 Women’s workshop Sydney


Introducing the ancient arts of conscious sexuality, a workshop for women.

Whether you are in an intimate sexual relationship or not, these practices aim to enliven and embolden you at the core of your being. Be guided in activating your life force energy to use and direct in all areas of your life for health, joy, fulfillment and empowerment.

Learn how to create a safe and sacred context for your sexuality.

This workshop is open to all ages of women of any sexual orientation.

There will be plenty of information presented in a safe, welcoming and wholesome manner with no nudity or sleaze.

The workshops are classy and hip with the intention of empowerment, education and inspiration being the foundation.

The workshops presented by Waratah are profound and transformative. By gaining greater insight and empowerment within your intimate life, you will access deep peace and trust in an area of life that can often be the source of much anxiety, frustration and/or disconnection. Whether single, in a long term or new relationship, learn the magic ingredients to keep your relationship with self and others vibrant and connected. A much needed and too often disregarded education on intimacy and sexuality and how it directly relates to our empowerment.

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Early bird until Novmeber 26.

START: 16/11/2021 6:00 pm
END: End date not setup or same of start date 10:00 pm
ADDRESS: 175a Union Street Erskineville, NSW 2034 Australia
ORGANISER: Waratah Karleu
$: 117.14
CONTACT: 0431 961 688


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