Goodness Alert: The Only Smoothies You Need. EVER.

Goodness Alert: The Only Smoothies You Need. EVER.


First there was raw, then there were bowls, but the next bandwagon you’ll be hoisting your healthy bum onto is farm fresh smoothies. We can’t stop gushing about this local smoothie producer taking these juicy bevies to a whole new level of fresh, straight from the WA farmers to your fridge. Here are eight reasons you need Judy’s FnV’s in your life.


#1 Straight from the source

Fair trade (meaning that the lovely farmers get a fair price for produce), these perfect potions are worth every last penny. These lovingly hand made, local, organic and nutritionally balanced smoothie blends come straight up the coast from Esperance, where owner Tamara deals direct with her friendly local farmers network to keep it real. And by real, we mean only fruit and veg from organic farms, for really fresh ingredients that come up through the earth and jump into your blender.

#2 More goodness than you can shake a carrot stick at

These quality smoothies are made with really fresh, ripe fruit and veg that is frozen so it maintains all its fibre and nutrient fabulousness – not a drop of concentrate in these babies. Chock full of vitamins and minerals for guaranteed nutrition, these ready-to-blend smoothie packs are chopped up, measured out, packaged then delivered ready-to-blend so you can clap your peepers on what’s going into your juicy goodness in the flesh.

#3 They’re dietary #goals

Vegan? Lactose intolerant? Gluten free? Paleo? Soy free? Or just time poor? No problemo. Pre-empting all your dietary needs, these complete smoothie blends are a one-stop idiot-proof wonders. There is no messing, guessing, shopping, chopping, researching or buying extra ingredients (because ain’t nobody got time for that).  They come in cute little squads designed for whatever ails you – from boxes created for gut health, weight loss, brain power, immunity, better skin, moods or energy levels.

#4 The extras are LIT

They come with the option of nifty little boosters, called Elixirs. Elixirs are precisely  3 teaspoons of your finest favourites – like organic Goji berries, hemp seeds, coconut oil, flaxmeal, lucuma, pea protein, coconut yoghurt, Maqui, turmeric, maca, matcha, chia, bee pollen or acai. Just tip in and sip!

#5 Get them in your belly, toot sweet

These smoothies are high in the naturally occurring fruit sugars and, provided you don’t guzzle too many smoothies in a day, this is definitely the best way to get your sugar fix! With only the good stuff, Judy’s FnV’s say bye bye to added sugar (sucrose) and artificial sweeteners.

#6 No nasties welcome

Knock knock! Preservatives, colourings, flavourings and synthetic stuff? Not here! Only 100 per cent au naturale over here. Judy’s FnV’s are only organic and use Australian wholefoods, they are vegan, gluten free, soy free, with no refined sugars, no preservatives and no nasties!

#7 They love the dolphins as much as you do

Enviro-friendly packaging means your plastics don’t end up floating in the ocean, while an environmentally friendly approach of no waste and no throwing out fresh food that goes off – means you’re doing your bit for mother earth while you’re doing you, too, boo.

#8 They passed the taste test!

 Yup, they’re healthy, happy, and honest to goodness delish. Bottom’s up! 


Judy’s FnV’s are your ready-to-blend super nutritious and super delicious smoothie bundles, delivered fresh to your door. Designed for you to reduce waste, save you time and support you on your journey to health and wellbeing. For at home use or for your business, orders can be placed online or via direct email 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Visit

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